This is the complete electronic text of the Mahanirvana Tantra with links to each chapter. Tantra. I am telling Thee the truth, O Devi! Lay it to the heart and ponder over it. There is no doctrine superior to the Kaulika doctrine, the most. The mahanirvana Tantra is in the form of dialog between Lord Siva and his consort Parvati where the Mahadeva Himself explains the theory and practice of .

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O Adya Devi Kalika! In other words, the pashu is he maahanirvana in this case, as in other tantrs, follows for all purposes, ritual or otherwise, the Vaidik injunctions which govern the ordinary life of all. The neuter mantrasuch as the Pauranik-mantraending with namahare said to lack the force and vitality of the others. It was again printed in by Shri Krishna Gopala Bhakta, since when there have been several editions with Bengali translations, including that of Shri Prasanna Kumara Shastri.

Dissolve Fire and vision and form, and the sense of sight itself, into air The great vrata is the celebrated Durga-pujamaha-vrata in honour of the Devi as Durgawhich will continue as long as the sun and moon endure, and which, tatnra once commenced, must always be continued.

Each one does his work by the power of Mahanirvanna who exists in his heart. The five elementsmoreover have various meanings, according as they form part of the tamasika pashvachararajasika viracharaor divya or sattvika sadhanas respectively.

Mahanirvana Tantra – Chapter Index

In the other Ages, O Devi! Asana are postures of the body. But one cannot renounce until one has enjoyed, and so of the world-process itself it is said: But some portions of this Dharma, O Beloved! A yogi renders the vital airs equable, and consciously produces the state of respiration which is favourable for mental concentrationas others do it occasionally and unconsciously vide post.

As the Eye of Heaven is plainly visible to those of the common man, so do the Wise have constant vision of the Excellent Foot of Vishnu If Thou hast affection for me, I crave to lay before Thee that which passeth in my mind. Shankara and Ramanuja on the Bhagavad Gita.


Ananta-chaturdashi performed at specified times in honour of LakshmiNarayanaand Ananta. Mudra is the awakening of knowledge in the pericarp of the great sahasrara Lotuswhere the Atmalike mercuryresplendent as ten million sunsand deliciously cool as ten million moons, is united with the Devi Kundalini.

Mahanirvana Tantra

I came across a complete manuscript some two years ago in the possession of a Nepalese Pandit. Yoga is variously named according to the methods employed, but the two main divisions are those of the hathayoga or ghatasthayoga and samadhi yogaof which raja-yoga is one of the forms.

The path of outgoing is the way of pravritti ; that of return nivritti. This Tantra is, further, one which is well known and esteemed, though perhaps more highly so amongst that portion of the Indian public which favours “reformed” Hinduism than amongst some Tantrikas, to whom, as I have been told, certain of its provisions appear to display unnecessary timidity.

Hathayoga is commonly misunderstood, both in its definition and aim being frequently identified with exaggerated forms of self-mortification. Another form in which the vija employed is that of the Aiya:.

Mahanirvana Tantra Index

After mqhanirvana has been done, Rishi-nyasa should be performed Next, meditating on the mahanivrana Bija of Agni as being situate in the navel, the body with all its sinful inclinations should be burnt up by the fire born of the Bija, as also by sixty-four Kumbhakas This is the Mantra. Truth is divorced from concealment. Let everything which is ,ahanirvana, be it worship or sacrifice, bathing, drinking, or eating, be accompanied by the recitation of the Brahma-Mantra He who has heard it, however it may be from the lips of one initiate in the knowledge of Brahman, is purified, and attains the state of Brahman, and is affected neither by virtue nor sin There is no doctrine superior to the Kaulika doctrine, the most ttantra of all Even Brahmans versed in the Vedanta should take food prepared by low-caste men if it be dedicated to the Brahman That best of worshippers, the Kula-Sadhaka, should then sip a little water and say: Jitendriyah satyavadi nityanushthanatatparah kamadi-validanashcha sa vira iti giyate.

Prana is vayuor the universal force of activitydivided on entering each individual into fivefold function. The eternal rhythm of the Divine Breath is outwards from spirit to matter and inwards from matter to spirit.


I have now spoken of the consecration of the special offering. But for mahanirvsna who, having realized the advaita-tattvaknows that all is Brahmanthere is neither worshipper nor worshippedneither yoga nor pujanor dharanadhyanastavajapavrataor other ritual or process mahanirvaba sadhana.

These figures should be drawn either with vermilion or Rajas Kula-pushpaor red sandal paste; the Devata of the support should then be worshipped thereon Therefore, out of My affection for Thee, O Parvati! Image in mahanjrvana form of the Supreme Brahman There is nyasa vide post ; dhyana meditation offering of the upachara ; japa vide postprayer and obeisance pranama. The first three classes practice yoga, have enjoyment, and are liberated.

The primary mantra of a Devata is known as the root mantra mula-mantra.

Having invoked the holy waters tantga the sacred Rivers into the arghya by the Mula-mantra and Ankusha-mudra, the Sadhaka should meditate upon the Devi, and worship Her with incense and flowers, making japa of the Mula-mantra twelve times In this there is neither sound nor movement of the external organsbut a repetition in the mind which is fixed on the meaning of the mantra.

This rulehowever, the Commentator says, is not of universal application.

The cleansing of the nadi nadi-shuddhi is either samau or nirmanu — that is, with or without, the use of vija. All such ceremonies should be performed in the manner approved by the Agamas Tantr placing “Sandhya” on “Rakta,” and adding to it “Vama-netra” and Bindu, the second Mantra is formed. Anahata-chakra is a deep red lotus of twelve petals, situate above the last and in the region of the heartwhich is to be distinguished mananirvana the heart-lotus facing upwards of eight petalsspoken of in the text, where the patron deity Ishta-devata is meditated upon.

He exhales by Pingala with 32 japa of the vija lang, and considers himself thereby as strengthened. Men were ever cheerful, prosperous, and healthy, and endowed with all qualities txntra beauty and brilliance.

The only exception which the Tantra makes is for purpose of sudhana in the case of those who are competent adhikari for virachara.