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OKI M81C55 datasheet, MSM81C55 (1-page), M81C55 datasheet, M81C55 pdf, 1. M81C 2. M81C 3. M81C 4. M81C 5. M81C 6. M81C 7. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Vcc. WR. RD .. M82C84A M82C84A/M82C84A Clock generator. M81C M81C M81C datasheet, M81C pdf, M81C data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf.

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The collector of tran- sistor BC is connected to the base of BC Pin 7 is grounded. Capacitor CI serves as a filter capacitor. For other zones, the monitoring circuit is identical, with only the prefixes of components changing as per zone number.

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datashdet The ports are formed by decoding a byte memory block and using the resulting output as an active low strobe, similar to the chip enable signals for the EPROM and RAM chips. Each printer port consists of data, status, and control port addresses. As a re- sult, the collector voltage of transistor T10 falls to forward bias transistor Til, which conducts and its collector voltage is sus- tained at a high level. The output from pin 1 is connected to a tran- sistor satasheet comprising BEL transistor for feeding the loudspeaker.

M81C Datasheet catalog

As a result, buzzer in the collector terminal of Tl beeps for a short duration to announce that the security cir- cuit is intact. Since the emitter of transistor T2 is connected to the collector of transistor Tl, and collec- tor and emitter terminals of transistors Tl through T9 are connected in series, all transistors next to transistor Tl, i. The combinational circuitry comprising dual 4-input NAND gates of IC3 locks out subsequent entries by produc- ing the appropriate latch-disable signal.


When any button on the cassette player is pressed, the capacitor charges through diode D2. This puts the system in operation, guard- ing all the zone doors. This circuit costs around Rs Logic state at one of the outputs of IC2 produces logic 1 input con- dition at pin 4 of IC7, thereby enabling the audio oscillator. There is no need of frequently checking voltmeter reading. The system should be connected to the telephone lines via a DPDT switch not shown for manual switching, oth- erwise any circuit capable of sensing handset’s off-hook condition and thereby switching relays, etc.

This circuit could be used for re- placing your manual volume con- trol in a stereo amplifier. LED1, con- nected in series with ohm resistor Rl across resistor R4, m81c555 when the siren is on. The regulated voltage is ap- plied to the battery through diodes D6 and D7, which cause m81c5-55 drop of about 1.


Table I shows the simultaneous states of the signals for all the traffic. Next, when Ql output goes high, tran- sistor T2 goes off. Some extended applications of this circuit are given below.

Thus, the contestant who presses his switch first, jams the dis- play to show only his number. Atthetime of alarm, when point A connected to col- lector of transistor Tl passes through logic state, the output logic state of both the gates will toggle.

Disconnect the decoder from the telephone line, plug in a microphone or pickup coil and move switches SW2 and SW3 to the “MIC” position. Any other source of squarewave pulses also serves the pur- pose. After the sampling is over, the m18c55-5 is opened using the same signal. Gates Nl and N2 are used to sense the presence of V AC datashwet around the live wire and buffer weak AC voltage picked from the test probe.


Dialing any digit will clear the last number dialed and re-start the call duration timer. In order to increase the audio power, the low-level audio output eatasheet the preamplifier stage is coupled via coupling capacitor C7 to the audio power amplifier built around BEL IC. As a result, the output at pin 3 of datassheet Nl goes low and disables the rest of the circuit. It is the most critical part of the circuit and if it operates improperly, the symme- try of the analogue signal displayed in the PC monitor gets affected.

Since the IC has an inbuilt switch-on current limiter, it extends the bulb life.

If no audio is present in channel A, the cir- cuit waits for some time and then se- lects the next channel channel BThis search operation continues until it de- tects audio signal in one of the chan- nels. LED1 also serves as a power indicator for the external DC sup- ply. The decoder monitors the line condition and turns itself off when the line is not looped phone is hung up!