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The first step is to click on the Tools menu and then Boards > Boards manager. Guide to the MSPG2 LaunchPad ( MSP-EXPG2). This is the original. Jan 30, TI’s ENERGIA software download help users get up and running faster, Support for various TI embedded devices (MSP, TM4C, CC

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I suspect you will be able to leverage your years with C and debugging to move forward with your ‘ code. A lot of credit to the Arduino userbase, as it is msp340 easy to figure most things out with a quick Google search when you get stuck.

A new tab will appear. I had to define absolute pathes to these header files.

Energia — PlatformIO a1 documentation

It works realy great and exactly as discribed in your tutorial for my msp launchpad. If it is more difficult to program the MSP, then why would a hobbiest even consider trying to use it? The above two problems make my solution unusable. The list of supported TI Launchpads has grown. When I use the Arduino code with an arduino nano to talk to my sensor, it’s all perfect without any 32 second bug.

Energia – program a TI MSP430 using Arduino sketches

When using c all the code must be called from within the main function. For the person that has taken an introductory programming class in high school or college, the Arduino code is immediately understandable.

So, in short, my energiq To compile and upload the code to the microprocessor first make sure that the MSP Launch pad is plugged into one of the USB ports of your computer, then click the upload arrow. Also, the code for the MSP seemed very cryptic compared to an Arduino sketch. I’ve had a MSP for a very long time, but only recently got interested in it. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment mso430 Sign in Sign in Remember me Forgot username or password? We first need to delete the repopulated cpp code that appears in the new sketch. Its easy-to-use libraries and functions provide developers of all experience levels to start blinking LEDs, buzzing buzzers and sensing sensors more quickly than mxp430 before. The main reason is cost.


I have no clue why. Ben, can one upload assembly code to msp using energia?

Much of the time direct register access is not needed. Arduino Robotics Lonnie Honeycutt. Now I’m getting this error: Is it the usual way? When using i2c, everything seems to be working just fine. We found two bugs in the I2C implementations and made bugreports and pull-requests for them. However, I’m starting to think that I need to bite the bullet and take the time to overcome my learning curve and dive in headfirst to firmware development and the paradigm shift that comes with it.

I find the debugger in CCS invaluable even when using Energia. Receive a notification when Lonnie Honeycutt publishes a new article: There are 5 byte values I need to read and combine to convert it into data and they seem to just get off by some random number of bytes.

The problem is that when you’re doing that with both SCL rnergia SDA one after the other, there is about a 2microsecond delay between the two mode changes, which appears to mxp430 the sensor I’m trying to talk to.


Using the Wire library, it appears to change both pinModes simultaniously which is good, but when I use the Wire library, I have that weird 32 second bug. I don’t know if that’s the ID you mean, or if there is another that I need Currently working for Apple.

As a first step it is always a good idea to test that Energia works on your system. This site uses cookies.

Read the Docs v: Make sure that your board is connected via the USB cable to your computer. This project is basically a Hello World type of project. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I have attempted my implementation using energia, but I run into bizzare behavior that I cannot figure out.

For the hobbiest, it’s typically easier just to stick with the Arduino. The program works as described. Next post by Lonnie Honeycutt: Email required Address never made public.

How to Arduino – a video toolbox. My code is not necessarily elegant or efficient, but I can usually figure out how to make an Arduino do what I want it to do eventually. A better approach to flashing an LED using a timer and interrupts to control the rate of blinking is given below. Energia Wiring-based framework enables pretty much anyone to start easily creating microcontroller-based projects and applications.

People don’t often notice that an Arduino chip has 2k of RAM and assume anything that fits on an arduino will run on an mspg To use the computer while waiting for interrupt where would one use the void loop?