Ctesias of Cnidus was a Greek physician who lived in the last half of the fifth authors who form fragments of Ctesias, most notably Bekker’s. Ctesias returned to Greece in and began writing his Persica, a history of Assyria-Babylonia in 23 books. Books I–VI included a history of Assyria and the. CTESIAS (Gk. Ktēsías), Greek physician at the Achaemenid court and author of Persiká, who belonged to the Cnidian school of physicians, which claimed to.

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Adler Leipzig, ; repr.

Photius’ Excerpt of Ctesias’ Persica – Livius

After they had given and taken the most solemn pledges, they admitted to their counsels Artasyras and Bagapates, who kept all the keys of the palace. Retrieved from ” https: But he was unable to fill the vessel of oil, as had been written. At Marathon he was met by Miltiades ; the barbarians were defeated and Datis himself slain, the Athenians afterwards refusing to give up his body at the request of the Persians. Another four or five books books or 23 were devoted to the first eight regnal years of Artaxerxes II, which Ctesias himself had witnessed; book 23 also contained a description of the road from Ephesus to Bactria and India and a partial list of rulers from Ninus and Semiramis to Artaxerxes II Jacoby, Fragmentep.

Disgraced by his brother, he retired to his satrapy and laid his plans for revolt. Darius was greatly grieved and ordered the heads of the forty men who were responsible to be cut off.

Clearchus the Spartan, who was in command of the Greeks, and Menon the Thessalian, who accompanied Cyrus, were always at variance, because Cyrus took the advice of Clearchus in everything, while Menon was disregarded.

The king, enraged with his mother, ordered her eunuchs to be seized and tortured, including her chief confidant Ginge. Darius, after he had crossed the bridge, set fire to the houses and temples of the Chalcedonians, because they had attempted to break down the bridges which he had made near ctesiaas city and had also destroyed the altar erected by him, when crossing, in honor of Zeus Diabaterios.

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Being summoned by Cambyses a third ctesiass, Tanyoxarces obeyed the summons.

The number of stations, days, and parasangs from Ephesus to Bactria and India. Pearl Harbor attack, December 7,surprise aerial attack on the U.

After his execution, a marvelous thing happened. Megabyzus replied that he was ready to do so, but on condition that he should not be obliged to appear at court again, and should be allowed to remain in his satrapy. He had reigned seven months. Usiris received the greatest attention and was sent to Artaxerxes at his request. Labyzus, in astonishment, replied, “Whom else should persics think him to be?

Waters, as a historian of Persia with petsica of Akkadian, Elamite, and Old Persian languages in addition to Latin and Greek, offers a fresh interdisciplinary analysis of the Persica. Contact our editors with your feedback. The king, enraged because Megabyzus had slain the animal first, ordered his head to be cut off, but owing to the entreaties of Amestris, Amytis, and others his life was spared and he was banished to Curtae, a town on the Red Sea. Ctesiasborn late 5th century bcCnidusCaria [now in Turkey]Greek physician and historian of Persia and India whose persoca were popular and influential in antiquity.

The Derbices suddenly brought up some elephants which had been kept in ambush, and put Cyrus’ cavalry to flight. This is the end of the eleventh book.

Dariaeus was taken to the palace of Artaxerxes, and, although cteskas vehemently denied the accusation, he ctesjas put to death.

Photius’ Excerpt of Ctesias’ Persica

Thank you for your feedback. Megabyzus wounded Inarus in the thigh, and put him to flight, and the Persians obtained a complete victory. The fraud was not known for a long time except to Artasyras, Bagapates, and Izabates, to whom alone Cambyses had entrusted the secret. Download high resolution author photo, color.


By the advice of the Athenians Themistocles and Aristides archers were summoned from Crete. Megabyzus told him what had happened, how he had given his word to Inarus and the Greeks when he occupied Byblos, and earnestly entreated the king to spare their lives. The king told his wife Parysatis to inflict the same punishment upon the wife of his son Arsaces. For partial editions with translations see R. The ruler of the Scythians, being enraged, wrote an abusive letter to Darius, who replied in the same tone.

Large numbers deserted from Artaxerxes to Cyrus, none from Cyrus to Artaxerxes. Internet URLs are the best. Conon appointed commander of the fleet by Pharnabazus.

By her he had had two children before he became king, a daughter Amestris and a son Arsaces, afterwards called Artaxerxes. As to the worth of the Persica there has been much controversy, both in ancient and modern times.

The original title of the work is not in doubt, for it is mentioned several times in Greek sources e. November 2, This article is available in print. Jacoby, Fragmentepp. Menostanes was also arrested and condemned, but anticipated his fate by suicide.

If you have trouble accessing any page in this web site, email webmaster uwpress. Amorges, when he heard of what had happened to Cyrus, in great haste went to the assistance of the Persians with 20, Sacan cavalry.