Giacomo Puccini’s third opera, with libretto by Luigi Illica, Giuseppe Giacosa and Marco Praga, based on L’Histoire du chevalier des Grieux et de Manon. Libretto Manon Lescaut. [primo interprete, sesso]. Manon. Lescaut [ ♀ ]. soprano [ Cesira Ferrani, ♀ ]. Lescaut. sergente delle guardie del re [ ♂ ]. baritono. (Lescaut): In quelle trine morbide (Manon): Madrigale (mezzo-soprano, chorus): L’ora, o Tirsi, è vaga e bella (Manon): Ah! Manon, mi tradisce (des Grieux).

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I love you, awakens my heart to new life. The students make him sit down, and fill his glass. Seeing Geronte and Lescaut talking, he decides to eavesdrop.

Manon Lescaut – Manon Lescaut

Anguish chokes my words. Some are seated at the tables outside the Inn, drinking and gambling. E domattina in via! Des Grieux is alarmed by Manon’s appearance and goes to look for water. La morte, la morte!

Manon, pale and exhausted, leans on Des Grieux, who seems scarcely able to support her. Misteriose vittorie cauto celi e felice. Persino alla violenza ho ricorso! As I was saying: Des Grieux appears in Geronte’s house Manon, des Grieux: Ai ladri ed ai briachi!

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You used to love me so much! Edmondo and the other students laugh. Connect Connect to your account.

They laugh derisively and when Lescaut returns to threaten them, they scatter, highly amused kescaut the situation. E in voi conobbi, Signor? Manon is among them. On the way, a stop is planned at Amiens, where many people are waiting for the carriage. Go, like the wind! Manon appears at the top of the stairs, looks around, and comes down to rejoin Des Grieux.

Manon Lescaut (Work – Giacomo Puccini/Luigi Illica) | Opera Online – The opera lovers web site

I have implored the powerful, I have knocked and petitioned at every door! The students and girls, who have been observing the couple, comment mockingly on his good fortune Edmondo, students: Hence, the edition is public domain in its country of origin or a government publication. Wherever she may go! In your arms clasp Manon who loves you Other elements of Manon Lescaut come from his compositions for strings: Allegra folla ondeggia pei baluardi.

My mouth is an altar where your kiss is God! And this enchantment that I so adore, must I leave, abandon it? She is queen of the night! Paris is a very great school. Am I perhaps less charming and beautiful than Manon of other days?

Manon Lescaut – Puccini Museum

She awakens compassion, pity! Lescut, come, I can bear it no longer! Suoni musica grata nei brindisi il bicchier e noi rapisca il fascino. I want your face here, close to me, so, so, kiss me — close to me, once more I can feel you — Alas! Realising he has librettto tricked, Geronte urges Lescaut to follow the departed pair. He then decides to take Manon and flee with her to Paris, taking over the carriage that Geront has hired.


Manon walks slowly past, her eyes downcast.

Manon Lescaut

Geronte enters and notices with satisfaction that Lescaut is still occupied at cards. And I shall never see the sun again! Act 4 Even in exile, Manon is unable to give up her depraved life.

I know my duty — I must leave here! Libreto bow to Manon and stand to one side.

Des Grieux leaves in a huff. Others court the girls at the entrance to the avenue. Forse di dama inaccessibile acuto amor ti morse? Vi prego, signorina [minuet] ; Manon, Geronte, chorus: Udendo ridere gli studenti, Lescaut esce minaccioso: