Mahanidana Sutta: Sutta Pitaka: The Mahanidana Sutta (“Discourse on the Great Origin”) gives the fullest canonical treatment of the doctrine of dependent. Buddha and Ananda talk about the Interdependent Origin of Suffering. One day, Ananda said to the Buddha that although the doctrine of the. It is true that Maha Nidana Sutta in the Digha Nikaya points out Paticcasamuppada (the process of Dependant Arising), and of Nāma-kāya.

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Therefore, the desire for existence is the cause of birth.

Craving is a cause of seeking. Grasping is a condition for continued existence. And this is a way to understand how mahhanidana is so. That is, craving for sensual pleasures, craving for continued existence, and craving to end existence. In the Pali suttas, there are scores of suttas about Dependent Origination which take the classic form of the 12 links, the benchmark being SN It was shown thus because one cannot exist without the other.

15. Mahanidana Sutta

Fear of loss as well as possessive feelings arise based on attachment and passion. This is the first liberation. So I have heard. Word meanings are from the Digital Dictionary of Buddhism.

Mahanidana Sutta | Three Vajras

I think it’s better to consider other answers given here. Mahnidana reviewing this chain, the Buddha again leads Ananda to the conclusion that the dependence of consciousness on feelings is the cause of suffering.

In Maha Nidana Sutta it ,ahanidana said: Suppose there were none of the features, attributes, signs, and details by which the category of mental phenomena is found. There are sentient beings that have gone totally beyond the dimension of infinite space.


In the Maha-Nidana Sutta, consciousness which is only mental cognition in other suttas is said to descend into the womb of a mother. Proceed to the legacy version of SuttaCentral.

Possessiveness is a cause of stinginess. My self does not experience feeling. This is the third liberation. Being physical, they see visions. Natalia Tsimbler digha nikaya 15 Mahanidana Sutta Natalia Tsimbler pali canon smadar pyatsky suttas of the pali canon three vajras vladimir pyatsky. Such a contemplator knows and sees the truth about the destruction of sufferingbut does not say either: If there was no desire for existence in any of the worlds: Attachment and passion arise as a result of false certainty in the necessity of possession.

Try using the modern version anyway. Going totally beyond the dimension of nothingness, they enter and remain in the dimension of neither perception nor non-perception.

Mahanidana Sutta, Mahānidāna-sutta: 1 definition

Buddhism Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. There are sentient beings that are diverse in body and diverse in perception, such as human beings, some gods, and some beings in the underworld. SF Sander mahaidana Suppose there were totally and utterly no rebirth for anyone anywhere. It is just that you and I have not yet found out as to why it is so. Without becoming agitated, he attains nibbana. For this additional chain, the Buddha begins the study from bad behavior, when people pick up sticks and knives, experience hostility, start quarrels and arguments, inflict insults, slander and lie.


The logical assumption about not discussing six bases in link was Ananda probably had well understanding on six bases by Mmahanidana Ditthi without self-view, Sakkara Ditthi. Copy link Copy table Cite. SF SF Sander This is the extent to which one may be reborn, grow old, die, pass away, or reappear.

Below you will find the 15 most relevant articles:. The main question about Maha Nidana Sutta is “It’s amazing, lord, it’s astounding, how deep this dependent co-arising is, and how deep its appearance, and yet to me it seems as clear as clear can be it seems suttq easy to understand for me.

Suppose there were totally and utterly no safeguarding for anyone anywhere. Seeking is a cause of gaining material possessions.

Click here to login or click here to become a member. Vladimir Pyatsky and Smadar Pyatsky Translation: Change the script of the Pali text This enables you to read the Pali text in various scripts.

View original text with translation This only works with certain texts, which include translations by Sujato and Brahmali. By the time of questioning about Paticcasamuppada by Ananda, the venerable Ananda was Sottapanna level.

With the arising of mentality-materiality there is the arising of the stta base. This is the eighth liberation. The way leading to the cessation of the sixfold base is just this Noble Eightfold Path; that is, right view…right concentration.