LPILE Manual – Lpile is a special purpose program that can analyze a pile or drilled shaft under lateral loading. The program computes. User’s Manual for LPile (Using Data Format Version 9). A Program to Analyze Deep Foundations Under Lateral Loading. by. William M. Isenhower, Ph. D. User’s Manual forLPile, Version 6 A Program for the Analysis of Deep Foundations Under Lateral Loading.

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The geotech will give an estimated settlement, however it’s always generic. So I am not sure if the reports just arent complete, or is it hidden somehwrere and I just dont know? The method proposed by Budhu and Davies,? Thanks for all the help: N is the number of blows per foot I believe. L-Pile Input Data At the end of your analysis, do you know what range of lateral load capacity you should be getting?

LPILE Manual

Hi, I have just started using L-Pile, and am a little bit confused about the soil data I need to input. In my area of the US the geotech usually runs the L-Pile program because they have more knowledge of the soil parameters.

When I lpille it, I’m just determining a point of fixity for the pier design. On granular sites, Lateral Foundation gives slightly more conservative results more deflection -I think manuzl is because the lateral subgrade values have been limited a bit.


This is a helpful feature for the quick observation of pile behavior subjected to specific increments of lateral loads, bending moments, lateral displacements, or pile-head rotations. L-Pile Input Data We’ve never had the geotech run the program.

Majual are rough guidelines to check your final output. L-Pile Amnual Data The help manual should list all the soil conditions that are available. In this case I use it as sand. The Eng-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action. The help manual should list all the soil conditions that are available. This book explains SPT values and analysis of laterally loaded piles and piers. Later on, if you find you are doing these analysis more frequently, then get a copy of “Single Piles and Pile Groups Under Lateral Loading”, 2nd ed.

Resources Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors. We’ve never had the geotech run the program.

I have been doing a lot of online researching and reading, so hopefully I can pick it up fast, but it is still a lot of pressure! Several pile lengths may be automatically checked by the program in order to help the user produce a design with an optimum pile penetration.

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LPILE Plus v / GROUP v (3-D)

Components of the stiffness matrix at the pile head may be computed internally by the program to help the users in their super-structure analysis.


The structural manuual like it because you can combine the loading and the soils description into one entry format. The pile-head forces and movements are introduced into equations that yield the behavior of the pile group in a grobal coordinate system.

The report or an addendum would provide lateral movements to the structural engineer. The graphical observation of output curves features a new interface that allows zooming of areas of particular interest.

Product overview is as following. FORUM8 will distribute them. Testing, Design and Remediation”, F.

L-Pile Input Data – Foundation engineering – Eng-Tips

Loading may be specified as constant or varying linearly with depth. You should try this program: These two programs yield very close results. Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by lpilr or enterprise software vendors. The main difference is the analysis approach. L-Pile Input Data Thank you! My second questions is, where in a geotech lpike can I get the cohesion, and unit weight of the soil?

The program allows for up to piles in a group, and each pile can have diffrent EI values in orthogonal directions. L-Pile Input Data Darn. Students Click Here Join Us! Are you an Engineering professional?