As the title testifies, students were sworn to secrecy before being given access to this magic text, and only a few manuscripts have survived. Bits of its teachings. Liber Juratus Honorii was a key text used by John Dee, who owned two of the most important manuscripts, influencing his Enochian magic and its modern. LIBER JURATUS HONORII: The Sworn Book of Honorius with Text, Translation and Commentary by Professor Joseph Peterson (Limited Edition Hardcover.

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Sworn Book of Honorius – LIBER JURATUS HONORII

Send unto me, O Lord, thy power of Heaven that it may illumine my heart and confirm my mind, and comfort O God my understanding and my soul. First, that this book should be delivered to no man until such time as the master of the art were in jeopardy of death, and That it should be copied but to three at the most, and That it should be delivered to no woman, nor to any man except he were of lawful age, and he should also be both Godly and faithful, whose Godly behavior had been tried for the space of a whole year, and That this book should no more hereafter be destroyed, but that it should be restored again to the honor, or to his successors, and.

Then make another such heptagon, like the first, whose seven angles touch the seven angles of the second heptagon, and the which should be shown doubled. Out of the which books he drew out 93 chapters, in the which is briefly contained.

Sworn Book of Honorious, The

Also, the Latin manuscripts mention only salt, not substituting blood. The drawing in Sl. And they that have done good shall go into life everlasting; and they that have done evil into everlasting fire. Deny not that thing to one which thou hast given to many.


Sworn Book of Honorius. Keys to the Hoodoo Kingdom copies. Dee consulted several sources, and consulted the angels juratuw resolve the discrepancies. Et qui bona egerunt ibunt in vitam eternam: Ioht omaza vel Phet The version in Sloane reproduced in C. And yet they are not three almighties, but one almighty.

The second Stamonea the third Piper nigrum. If for the divine vision, say as follows.

[Fourth Book or Treatise.]

Open unto me, O Lord the fountain which thou openedest to our forefather Adam, and to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob thy servants, that they might believe, love and obey, glorify, and sanctify thee.

There be others which are called Venereans, which be these: And the Catholic faith is this: And every one of these has as many potestates or helpers, more or greater as there are days in the month, or many other servants.

Note the recurring sound changes: The names of the angels of the twelve months. Of the celestial, there are also two kinds.

Sworn Book of Honorius – LIBER JURATUS HONORII – Hell Fire Club Books

The Son is of the Father alone, not made nor created, but begotten. And the angels of the Earth are these: The twelve signs also of the Zodiac have their proper fumes, as Aries hath myrrh; Taurus, pepperwort; Gemini, mastic; Cancer, camphor; Leo, frankincense; Virgo, sanders; Libra, galbanum; Scorpio, opoponax; Sagittarius, lignum-aloes; Capricornus, benjamin; Aquarius, euphorbium; Pisces, red storax.

The number given in S4 and S5 is 89; S reads ‘8’, while R reads The names of the potestates are these, and they are twelve princes or rulers, that is, one llber every month: Manuscripts The Sworne Book is represented in several manuscripts including the following found in the British Museum: The 15th day it must be said 3 in the morning [3], at 9 of the clock 3, jurtaus 12 librr the clock 3, and 3 at night.


Compare with the list given below. Their bodies are of a mean stature in all points, for they be neither little nor great, neither fat nor lean.

Shew me this day thy mercy, and put forth lkber me the healthful cup that I may drink, and be satisfied of the well of thy grace, thou O God, and that I may be one of those which shall be sanctified and that shall see thy holy vision which Libee desire, and wish for this day, that I may sing with understanding in my soul, and may stand and behold thy holy vision, and let the grace of thy Holy Spirit come this day out of Heaven and rest in me.

We make a suffumigation for the Sun in this manner, viz.

O Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God, into whose hands the Father before all worlds gave all things, give unto me this day for thy holy, glorious, and ineffable names’ sake competent? May Holy Mary mother of our Lord Jesus Christ bless and sanctify you, Oh blood, that you may have the might and power of a sacrament in writing of the Seal of God.

Turn then, most gracious advocate your eyes of mercy toward us.