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I enjoyed seeing how smart Drea and Simon were. There is a secondary idea of good works earning a place in heaven.

Shades Of Twilight by Linda Howard PDF Download –

Death Angel by Linda Howard. Anyway, the assassin fascinated me and my decision to buy the book when it got lknda was based entirely on that little glimpse of him.

Drea has no choice but to do what the killer wants, and expects the worst. I was hoping for more romance as well.

I haven’t read a lot of romantic suspense and it is a New Year’s Resolution to amend that for next year. She hacks into his bank account and transfers over two million dollars to herself.

May 16, Katie babs rated it it was ok. This shoddy treatment of a man Salinas who’s kept diananti in comfort and safety made was what to be the heroine of this romantic suspense into the real villain, with Salinas becoming the unwitting victim. But this was my first Linda Howard book, it was a total page-turner, and I’ll gladly read more from her. May 27, Mahlet rated it it was amazing Shelves: Preview — Death Angel by Linda Howard.

I loved it though the second half not as much as the first: The story is very fast paced especially in the first part where Drea is trying to escape with the money she stole from the drug runner.

There was some mysticism. This book is described as how after a lx death exp she changes her life and decides to work closely with the FBI to bring her former lover down. In other words, she’s done everything that had to be done since she got pregnant at 15 and lost the baby just to survive.


The only time a story about angels and dead children could have worked and could have been truly moving, rather than infuriatingwould be if it were written from the standpoint of deep grief, of exploration of loss of such magnitude, of a boundless pain in which a mother is locked, but then you’ll have to write a different book and not this.

This life wasn’t all there was; there was more, much more, and when people spoke of death as “passing” they were exactly xei, because the spirit passed on to that other level of existence.

I’m pretty sure that only Linda Howard could write a story where the lead characters were an reguna and the arm candy for a drug lord and make me like them!

It’s rather atypical to read a book where the heroine starts out as the pampered mistress of a drug lord. This should be an easy 5 stars for me but something happened with Drea llinda I didn’t want that in my Suspense books view spoiler [ it’s perfectly ok in paranormal books tho!

But instead, howadr looked around and picked a bad decision-sometimes even going out of her way to get it. Drea is smart but has been pretending to be dumb so Rafael would keep her as his girlfriend. In the past, quite a few of her heroines and heroes were the bearers of moral significance not in spite but because of their being flawed, damaged and ambiguous diamanto the parameters of the genre, that is. Well, when ordered by a thug to kill someone, that someone must also be a thug, right?

This fast paced story pulled me in and in no time I was engrossed in the In Death Angel, Linda Howard takes a most unlikely hero and heroine, and turns what should have been unappealing characters into sympathetic ones that pull on your heart strings. Howington, and two golden retrievers. Though Drea runs, Salinas knows she can’t hide – and dispatches the same assassin in hot pursuit. He does something unforgivable and lnida Drea on a crash-course with a new life.

Open Preview See a Problem? Someone who liked the movie “Sleeping With the Enemy”. I’ll just say lx the second half contained an element that felt super out of place and weird in this story.

These two are not the most likeable characters but I did, in some strange way, like them as the story progressed. Once Rafael discovers Drea’s revenge, Rafael again contacts the Assassin Neither of the main characters are very likeable at the beginning but you get to know them better as the story progresses and you are rooting for Drea all the way reegina she runs for her life, try to stay alive and learn from her mistakes.


Recommended to Stacia the club by: The first pages were a solid 5 stars, even if the romance was almost non-existent. Anyway, my conclusion of Drea after listening to the audiobook partway is that I kept wondering WHY is this woman having this resentful attitude towards Salinas?

Death Angel

Making one was easy, like picking fruit off the ground. He was perfect for the story and it was, indeed, a very sweet romance. I loved this book. If it were not for the first 40 pages I would have given this book -0 stars. For the next few chapters, we see Fei forming a plan where she will leave Rafael and hit him where it hurts, his bank account.

I am amazed by how much I liked this book. In revina Angel’ we are simply told the heroine gave birth to a still born baby regiha she was very young but nothing else prepares us to believe that that baby became a symbol of all that she had lost, of all that remained unrealised in her life. Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t bothered by how view spoiler [rape-y hide spoiler ] things got in the first few chapters.

I quickly came to care about what happened to the characters, and I enjoyed the engrossing storyline.

All is well until one day The Assassin asks Rafael to give Drea to him for sexual favours in return for a hit job. View all 21 comments. That was not at all the case.

La regina dei diamanti

The romance was most definitely not with an agent. D and Salinas treats her like she’s a precious possession. If you’re going to change your name, you might as well get involved with a drug lord, so you can steal 2 million dollars.