Age has done everything except mellow the characters in Kingsley Amis’s The Old Devils, which turns its humane and ironic gaze on a group of Welsh married. The Old Devils: A Novel [Kingsley Amis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Alun and Rhiannon Weaver return home to Wales after. Generally I would say not, perhaps even very obviously not but in the case of Kingsley Amis and The Old Devils things are different.

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If you are in a mood to be patient, the characters and the fun Amis has with them make the novel worth reading. A Russian Affair my love affair with Russian literature.

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Take, for instance, the five-page description of Remind me not to grow old while simultaneously being Welsh and fixated on my regrets. Retrieved 8 December This restricted him to the warmer months, the wearing of an overcoat being of course ruled out by the degree of bending involved. And if it is supposed to be about Wales, the culture real and imaginedand the culture-mongers, then it failed there, too.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. However when the book arrived I was very pleased at its condition and the reason for the delay was book came from England. Short of that, she would most probably have Rosemary with her, back from her evening out or somewhere with William Thomas, who seemed to have been around since first light or thereabouts. He’s fat, pushing 70, with a failing heart, and he regrets his hasty youthful choices. Most of the central characters in the ensemble cast have full and distinct personalities and unique sets of behaviors.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. He is vaguely blamed for the onslaught of developers and bad architecture in the country, though this seems to me baseless.

And I like the following quote which pretty much sums up the characters’ predicaments.


PaperbackVintage Classicspages. Excessive drinking, adolescent posturing, massaging old memories and complaining about the physical indignities of the aging body seem to dominate the lives of these figures.

Some hilarious scenes rather damped down by the wrenching portrayal of the genuinely amid wife.

Booker club: The Old Devils

Want to Read saving…. That seems to be one of the points Amis explicitly attempted to make. Amis is a master of dry wit. There are no sophomoric metafictional tricks, for which I was grateful. This isn’t a plot-driven novel. Sep 28, Thing Two rated it liked it Shelves: Now, from round about seventy, all those years of maturity or the prime of life or whatever you called it looked like an interval between two bouts of vomiting.

Some of us have got a lot kngsley be thankful for. Gently Mad An Unreliable Reader. I can’t even bother to put kinfsley on my list of most hated because at least with, say, Atonement, McEwan had the decency to write a thoroughly despicable, self-absorbed horrorshow of a human being to act as narrator for that otherwise dull book. Other than a couple of big events, both near the end ammis the book, nothing much happens. Maybe KA just needed a good editor. From this great mass of verbiage there do emerge characters depicted with consistency and a cold eye, there are insights into akis tribulations of old age, there are funny and outrageous scenes where old farts behave like naughty teenagers.

But as Banville’s Introduction says, “In this novel, drink, sex, and death dance a merry round. Now, I’ve had this book kicking around for a while and from the blurb on the back of this book it sounded like fun; a sort of ‘Old People Behaving Badly’ by one of Britain’s great comic writers. The characters are all stuck in high school dramas. Is it simply because many great writers with their tendencies towards self-destruction don’t make it that far? The main players are: Peter is now married to the imperious Muriel.

Books by Kingsley Amis. Feb 04, Janis rated it liked it.

The Old Devils – Wikipedia

Asylum John Self’s Shelves. Feb 01, Courtney H. Maybe I was just not in the mood for this book but I certainly wouldn’t have called it a comedy and I’m amazed at the quote on the back that calls it a ‘bloody funny lovely bloody book’. I couldn’t sleep all night a One of the greatest novels I’ve ever read.


Kingsley is a fine and fluid writer. Back then he seduced and knocked up his student, Rhiannon, still something of a beauty today, whom he promptly left for one Angharad, under the delusion of greener pastures.

I also quite like dated books as it can be the closest we get to time-travel, allowing us to escape the homogeneity of current day morality and sensibilities. Was this a stupid thing to do? But they were soon past there now and on to where she had not been for at least ten years, probably a good deal more.

Quite a lot of time had indeed passed, but so far to surprisingly small effect. Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group.

His couples, unlike Updike’s, are all well on the wrong side of middle age; his setting, unlike Updike’s amid Readers of John Updike’s Couples will find the setup of this novel glancingly familiar: Think it was an tne apology to us as readers? You are drawn into their lives, their little kindnesses, their colossal rudeness and unhappiness. But Amis’ prose is extraordinarily vivid. On the upside From this great mass of verbiage there do emerge characters depicted with consistency and a cold eye, there are insights into the tribulations of old age, there kijgsley funny and outrageous scenes where old farts behave like naughty teenagers.

After a moment, something like a harsh bark broke from the lower half of his trunk, followed by a fluctuating whinny and a thud that sounded barely organic, let alone human. Annabookbel Noli domo egredi, nisi librum habes — Never leave home without a book.