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Find out all of the information about the HIDROMEK co. product: rigid backhoe loader / compact HMK 62SS. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to . HMK 62 SS. BACKHOE LOADER DRIVE SYSTEM. •Servo controlled Axial Piston Variable Displacement. Double Pumps driving Radial. See manuals, technical data, specifications and documentation of Hidromek HMK 62 SS in category Backhoe Loaders. Learn more about Hidromek HMK.

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The cabin of the operator is developed taking into account comfort and ease of management. The car sizes, its ability of a turn around own axis, the excavator equipment, additional hydrolines with standard low and high giving do it ideal in the conditions of limited space, both for work in the conditions of city construction, and for application in agriculture Operator’s cabin It is known that on pass excavators loaders 622 on loaders with onboard turn the comfort of the operator is the most important factor.

The new car in family of excavators loaders is developed with use of 30 hidrlmek experience of the Hidromek company. Drilling Equipment for holes. Machines and the equipment for excavations.

Meanwhile, HMK B Alpha provides a comfortable environment for the operator even under in hidronek working conditions. Working indicators of a loader.

Expense of the additional pump. We recommend to see Dozers.

The field is wrongly filled. Hasan Basri Bozkurt, the founder and current board chairman, started with the production of attachments for agricultural tractors. Established on a seat, the simple joystick in use in a control system, is unique in the class, and exercises control of all movements of the car, including loading, movement and functions of the digging equipment. We created a Personal Account for you to make the process of buying faster and easier in the future. To Compare the Products.


Ergonomically located bodies of manual and foot control by supply of fuel ensure functioning with various frequencies of rotation of the engine with optimum characteristics and the minimum consumption of fuel. Such power provides high performance data, small time of a cycle and high speed.

The new production facility located on an area of 1 million m2 in Ankara has been continuing. Cutters for earthmoving machines. This engine has the power of 59 h. Other features of a cabin include: Expense of the main pump.

HMK B Alpha, which performs efficiently and with great performance under the toughest conditions, attracts attention with its low fuel consumption and solidity.

Length of the extended arrow concerning the earth. Your message must contain at least 20 symbols. This initiative was hidromsk further in the following years and the first construction machine ever designed by Turkish engineers was produced.

Mini Backhoe Loaders

By means of the standard device of fast accession change of working bodies can be carried out easily and quickly. Volume of a universal ladle of a loader. Design award-winning Gen Series excavators, which are designed for heavy working conditions and longevity, are distinguished with their low fuel consumption and durability. Hydromotors transfer the movement to wheels by means of strong chain transfers, on hidromei party of the car.

Hidromek 62 SS (0507181205, Дмитро)

Eight adjustable air openings provide necessary air circulation in a cabin. The car 62SS is created with an advancing of expectations of consumers, productivity, universality, comfort and safety has higher.

The equipment for construction of undergrounds. Diameter of the cylinder and piston stroke.

– Hidromek 62ss

Weight of the Standard Car. Adjustable axial and piston pumps are put in action from the engine and provide supply of working liquid to movement drive hydromotors. Your question has been sent successfully. The highly effective conditioner and a heater of a cabin which are the standard equipment for the car 62SS increase the level of comfort of the operator under any weather conditions.


To activate, use the link in the E-mail that we have sent to you. HMK MG with its high performance blade at a variety of operations, from leveling to scraping, high bank cuts and digging.

The highly effective cooler of working liquid ensures long functioning of the car 62SS under trying conditions and hirdomek high temperature of air High universality The standard multi-purpose bucket of the machine 62SS provides good loading and is universal for digging, buldoser works, drawing, grader works and planning.

– Hidromek 62ss

The message must not be more than symbols. It allows to make the car of more universal. Working indicators of a loader Volume of a universal ladle of a loader 0.

Hidromel indicators of the excavator. The compact size of the machine, ability to turn degrees on its own axis, ease of loading and ability to use with different attachments make HMK 62 SS ideal for urban constructions and agricultural applications.

Pressure bars Transmission Type Completely hydrostatic Max. A frontal ladle 4 in 1, the mechanical device of fast accession of the loading equipment, additional hydrolines and the hydroline of a hydrohammer are some hirromek of the standard equipment of the car 62SS.

Hydrohammers, buldoser dumps, drills, agricultural captures, a pitchfork and ladles of various sizes are developed for ensuring the maximum productivity and long service life. The Hidromek company developed a wide number of workers of bodies who fully correspond to the car 62SS.