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The game is overall linear and does not allow wrong usage of items. Go to the sundeck. Return to the corridor. Tell Feng Li about the broken bell. To ensure that Patterson gets the book before Forrester in the morning. Talk to the guard.

Use the code on the combination lock of the cabinet: The first line says that the king was in Provence, which is at the bottom right of France, and therefore, the board. Talk to him about being cold.

Use the battery acid to open the toolbox. Use the photo with the GameGirl to get illuminated photo.

Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

Enter the laundry room. Use the Statue of Liberty with the stairs. Return to the bridge by clicking the map icon in the inventory.


Use the broken ball with the fountain to get some water. Use the can of peanuts with the nest on the tree. Slide the photo under the door of the sick bay.

Talk to Feng Li about taking the photo. Move the motorcycle to the boat.

Now go to the park. Take the kit and the buckets. Go to the doghouse. It contains a digital camera and a suit. Kick the papaya tree on the extreme right. Place the tumguska cup amidst the rocks. Take the 5 cents and a pacifier.

Use the wheel with the motorcycle. Nina is startled but begins her voyage nonetheless. Somewhere in the North Sea Look at the photo next to the filing cabinet. Place the ring in the indentation to activate the board.

Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e)

Use the red mush in the teapot on the papaya to make it red. Use the ice spray on the thermometer. The tourist is out of sunscreen and wants Nina to get him some. Fix the chain to the girder. Use the tjnguska to open the flap of the info stand.