We sell used & new PHS PRO-Head-Spot Moving Lights by FutureLight. Select from the best prices and availability in the world. How long you use it? 4 years. What is so special that you love most: strength and reliability and especially the zoom, focus and gobos overlays! happiness. User review from Mile&Prod about Futurelight PHS

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PHS incl. bulb – futurelight

First one is about brightness: The has a multi step zoom and also a variable frost. You do have the advantage of a UK office with showtec but they don’t really hold stock of parts. If it should be a bit more than the normal standard, Futurelight can help with that special something. Cris said that he doesn’t have any futurelignt with futurelight phs what about the other models?

It has ftuurelight upgraded with a motorized focus, a rotatable prism wheel with three facets, as well as numerous macro functions and occupies 14 DMX-channels. Further creative possibilities are possible with the new iris.

Vahs :: professional lighting equipment

If you service them well and look after them they seem to be reliable. Andy A concurrent post has been automatically merged from this point on. Posted 08 January – Fortunatly, here in Romania I found 2 futurelight PHSthey have hours worked time what in my opinion is not badand there are in very good state. Hope that helps Michael.


I think it’s not a problem, and u can buy for a good price. They also suck in huge amounts of dust.


The spotlight thereby demonstrates, that even in the domain of discharge lamps, astounding developments are still possible. Also, fixture files need futurelighy be exported using the export function in the fixture creator.

Delete From Topic The post will be removed from this topic completely. Futurelight has represented perfect illumination for more than 15 years. I heard just good things about Robes, for sure that if u can afford u should buy Ruturelight or Robe, but I’m intrested in 2 things: If anybody wants to share with me some ideas, opinions, just say it.

I didn’t but the showtec explorers and maybe I won’t buy them anymore Hey everybody, I’m new here, and I didn’t have moving heads until now. Read other news tagged with: Some very popular heads are just so because they’re cheap rather than good, the BR generally does not encompass many users of this type of equipment! Whether it be high quality moving-heads or precise scanners, colorful LED-systems or inspiring effect projectors: While the baton in the field of washlights has been almost entirely passed on to LED technology, a heated debate is being carried out between light diode and metal halide lamp on the spots front.

I’m waiting for your opinions based on experience Can I do this with every moving head or. It differs from its predecessors particularly through a higher speed, a more clearly arranged LC-display, a lockable head, as well as the software update facility via an external upload-box.


Skip to toolbar Log In Register Search. Removed external link to unsupported fxt file. I was so happy with them, I went out and bought another set of two. Super bright, with all the functionallity I needed and more.

Developer of the Sound 2 Light application SL. With basic DMX knowledge and some common sense, you are able to create the fixture file yourself.

All user reviews for the Futurelight PHS 260

Posted 11 April – Look at the price of the lamp you’re prospective purchase takes, look how long that particular lamp lasts, and futureliht it’s worth spending more money on a head that has cheap lamps vs. I had the oportunity to check them out and they are working properly.

Let me know if you need to know anything else. I have been using them week-in week out for about 4 months now, and I only had one problem, one unit kept blowing fuses, I since found out, it simply had the wrong fuse in a quick blow I changed it to an anti-surge fuse, and no problems since. I’d go for Futurelight over the ShowTec’s personally. You can find the file over here: I would like to buy 2 moving heads, but I heard a lot of bad opinions, even for mac martins.