Scroll of Errata is a sourcebook for Exalted Second Edition providing an extensive revision and clarification of many aspects of the game. Exalted(tm) is a game by the White Wolf gaming company, currently under development by Onyx Path. . Do we need a scroll of errata errata?. An extensive rewrite/clarification of their basic mechanics for things like surviving in Creation, following Oaths, etc. Proper mechanical support.

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As part of the 2. There are a few problems erarta the new errata. This was a horrible idea that resulted in my entire circle getting killed off in one combat.

Yes, the irony is not lost on me. If the cherub is moving at only hundreds of miles an hour, it should take much longer to cross Creation.

Use Draft Horse Measure again, tethering to the first horse. I have been playing with the errata in two different groups since it came out, and exaltef seen nothing but improvements. Other than that, or some sort of perfect racing charm like the Unconquered Sun has or the Yellow Path suggestion I made, any eclipse-like character taking all the speed boosting charms they can get should be able to, like you originally said, have the record.

On the other hand, you can pull it off any time after essence 4, which edalted a shoestring XP budget next to an essence exalter behemoth. Octopoid Prevarication Foaming at the mouth about Exalted. It is intended as a quick overview and a handy reference, not a comprehensive guide, and will not include any Charm-specific errata except in cases where the change influences more than the mechanics of the Charm, or for demonstrative purposes. Now is the time for ecstatic swimming!

Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path.

So did FearMeForIAmPink over the White Wolf forums, but he actually went ahead and compiled a series of pdf comments that can be saved on any Exalted pdf, dotting the books with comments you can hover over to see the errata right on the page and place you’d expect it for instance, seeing a comment with the errata of a Charm right on the Charm’s entry.


Given that Draft Horse Measure has a duration of one day, and Infallible Messenger explicitly says it can traverse the world in less time than that, you should arrive at the far side of creation in less than a day- perhaps a few ticks after the cherub says Hello World. As Essence 10 characters can be reasonably described as nearly omnipotent in comparison to lesser beings, there is no need for any higher Essence ratings to be present in the game.

I could have sworn I’d seen a lunar charm that allowed you to run on water, but I can’t find it at the moment. For those who neither have nor want to make an account to DriveThruRPG there is also a mediafire link, although it may be removed without warning: It travels hundreds of miles an hour and can traverse the world in less than a day.

Darn it, those other comments were not there before. One of the two of you needs to have at least one dot in Followers, and a follower stationed on the far side of creation.


There were plenty of Charms that got missed, simply because there are so many Charms. You beat me to it!

The Solar uses Draft Horse Measure. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

This is just the latest example of a continuing string of abuses put on this game from its brilliant inception and lack-luster 2nd Edition execution. Email Required, but never shown. November 27, at 2: Ease of play due to Combo erasure was a big deal, but allowing an entire Exalt type to be playable made me positively giddy.

The Exalted errata is here! – Onyx Path Publishing

I’m stumped on this until I can get ahold of a lunar book and find that charm. The revised perfect costs and normalizing Stunt regeneration was a horrible, horrible idea. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Thanks for all that work, guys. Submit a new text post. For convenience, here is a direct link to download the comment files of all exalted books in one zip: Couple that with a line of cultists across creation and Murder is Meat to gain back essence as you run by to further increase the amount of essence spent on Instinct-Driven Beast Movement which further increases your speed.

Take the Allies background with a high enough rating to have your Solar mate hanging around; they’re going to do all the real work.

Take Draft Horse Measure, and buy two horses. Did you ever think “it would be nice to have all errata inserted in the books directly”?

And then, a few lines down: It made too many cool mechanics obsolete. Note that while the post references Foxit Reader, a pdf file with these notes will be read by any current pdf reader, including Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, PDF-Xchange Viewer, or likely any other application you use. This requires two exalts working together. Bonuses from equipment do not stack including bonuses from Magical Material.

Exalts need not spend experience to purchase or create Combos, nor spend Willpower to activate them.

John Carter of Venus. Many of their Charms did not do what they were intended to, if they worked at all, and those that did were often either trivial to resist or completely indomitable. Welcome to Exalted 2. Just erratz this off my Storyteller, and she pointed out that since you can swim, nothing says you can’t swim while your Solar mate rides you and keeps using the charm. Email required Address never made public.