Definition from Ekonomikos pagrindai (B. Martinkus): Atsipirkimo (lūžio) taškas ( break-even point) – tai prekių kiekis, kurio pardavimo pajamos. Sankt Peterburgo valstybinis serviso ir ekonomikos universitetas tų: 1 semestras – mikro ir makro ekonomikos pagrindai, kuriuose būtų ; Heery, ; Ivanovic, ; Martinkus, ; Myers, ; Robbins, ;. VERSLO EKONOMIKA IR VADYBA . Lukaševičius K., Martinkus B. Mažųjų ir vidutinių įmonių vadyba. Martinkus B., Žilinskas V. Ekonomikos pagrindai.

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Lindsey assert that it does not take longer than 2 months.

According to the cost-benefit approach, commitment is a result of the perception of benefit associated with staying in and the perception of cost associated with leaving from an organization Kanter, In case the obtained p value is lower than the required degree of confidence, we reject H 0 about the equality of samples. You will also have access martinks many other ekonomikls and opportunities designed for those who have language-related jobs or are passionate about them.

vadybos pagrindai martinkus pdf free

It is more likely that business is going well if an organization is led by skilful and energetic person. The survey looked at the impact of the company size and industry on the replies. The groups among which the aforementioned opinion prevails are: Good is what makes the most happiness or least unhappiness regardless of who is affected.

In all three management systems, the individual principle concept is being established relating to activities of the person of highest level in an organization. Doing the wrong thing: Ekonomlkos, organizacija arba buvimas Emocinio m.

Is personalization of services always a good thing? Questionnaire was conducted from October to January Patrindai some foreign countries mobbing is included in the documents of the organization but in Lithuanian organizations mobbing prevention through codes of ethics is still a difficult practical problem. One reviewer is chosen by the author and should present review together with the article, another reviewer is appointed by the editorial board.



The case analysis by utilitarian method of ethical decision-making of a wo- man planning a maternity leave and seeking for a job has showed that unethical ac- tion from its essence such as lying could cause positive economic effect for overall society.

Towards the Sustainable Supply Chain: Data on farms was collected according to the methodology of the European Commission Farm…, The next steps to glo- bal justice. The most impor- tant point of ethical side of that decision lays on summed effect of alternative to all society and its members. Creation of view platforms and points in chosen places panorama, dominants, subdominants, pagrindzi small architecture.

Cald- wellG. Ethic training in the organization should be connected to formal orientation training for all new employers and should be reinforced by continuous training pro- cedures Lloyd, The application of benchmarking, thus, becomes especially im- portant when fostering sustainable agricultural development.

This study also discussed the differ- ences between terms efficiency and effectiveness which are often misused in Lithua- nian scientific works. The expected results are descriptions of activities reflecting a variety of abilities needed for a person at the highest level of an organization. New Strategies for Reputation Management: They primarily involve linking direct payments and cross compliance rule, and enhancing the role and financing of rural development under the Rural Development Plan.

Tarybos reglamentas EB Nr. There could be also published theoretical articles in the field of mana- gement and administration.

break-even | English to Lithuanian | Business/Commerce (general)

Contrasting and comparing sustainable de- velopment indicator metrics. Universi- teto 10, LT Akademija, Kaunas dr. In opinion of the author of research, Pagrkndai would need a developed indi- vidual cultural industry development planning document, whereunder coordinated development of the cultural sector in Daugavpils would be planned. Tourism aims to bolster GDP, create employment.

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McGraw Hill International Edition. Indeed, the frontier methods can be grouped into para- metric and non-parametric ones Bogetoft, The graphical interpretation of DEA. Reporting on human capital; objectives and trends international sympo- sium — measuring and reporting intellectual capital: The alternative ekonommikos must be considered from the financial point of view, i.

The aim of the study — according to the analysis of the neighbouring countries Latvia and Poland experience in the development of farmers and producer groups in organizing their activi- ties, identify the best examples of successful opportunities. The selection of the most appropriate management systems is carried out in the first step of combined approach step 1 in Figure 1. Ideologies, values, atti- tudes, and behavior. Lehtinen,B. These studies, however, paid less attention to efficiency differ- ences across farming types.

Furthermore, budgets are made before launching new ekoonmikos in order to estimate their production pageindai and to arrive at relevant product sales prices.

Martinkus, Bronius [WorldCat Identities]

A DMU is fully efficient if and only if it is not possi- ble to improve any input or marfinkus without worsening some other input or output. Stra- tegic budgeting will ensure the link between the budgets and the strategy, while flexible budgeting will enable to adapt to the changing environment of the organisa- tion.

PhD student Mykolas Romeris University. Brzoza-BrzezinaF. However, the growth rates fluctuated during the research period.