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HOW TO PASS EC ELECTRIC CIRCUITS AND ELECTRON DEVICES UNIT I CIRCUIT ANALYSIS TECHNIQUES Syllabus: Kirchoff’s current and voltage. EC ELECTRIC CIRCUITS AND ELECTRON DEVICES Syllabus for Anna University Second semester B.E | (For ECE, CSE, IT and Biomedical Engg. II – VIII SEMESTERS CURRICULUM AND SYLLABI. SEMESTER II EC Engineering Mechanics. (For non-circuit branches). Circuit Theory. (For branches .

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Reading comprehension exercises with questions on overall content — Discussions analyzing stylistic features creative and factual description – Reading comprehension exercises with texts including graphic communication – Exercises in interpreting nonverbal communication. The method of weighted residuals — The Ritz method. The course will also syllabs as a prerequisite for post graduate and specialized studies and research.

Levelling Boards 2 8 6. Cut section model of 4 stroke diesel engine and 1 2 cut section model of 2 stroke petrol engine 3. Computer Science and Engineering 2. Study of free jet.

civil syllabus – CAHCET

Details of Equipments Quantity Experiment Nos. Suresh kumar and A. Creation of 3-D models of simple objects and obtaining 2-D multi-view drawings from 3D model. Syllabua book listed under Extensive Reading is meant for inculcating the reading habit of the students.


The student is expected to know about the polluting potential of major industries in the country and the methods of sylllabus the same. Introducing oneself, Introducing others, Role play, DebatePresentations: Body language, gestures, postures. Rau and David C Hooten Ed. While learning as how to solve the real life problems, student will receive guidance from the faculty and also review various courses learnt earlier.

Vapour compression air-conditioning test rig 1 7 7. Structural analysis deals with analysing these internal forces in the members of the structures. Shantha Kumar S R J. At the end of this course the student shall be able to design some of the structures. Deflection of beams with various end conditions. Anderson and Edward M. Structural design study — Theory approach 5. Performance test on piston wheel turbine 9.

CSE Total Syllabus Regulations | Anna University Site for CSE Students

Win server 1 No. Eurasia Publishing House P Ltd. I and II, C. Design and Modeling of Machine component. Determination of Band Gap of a semiconductor material.

Principles of fluid statics, kinematics and dynamics are dealt with subsequently.

Module Overview

Syllqbus exposes the students to highway planning, engineering surveys for highway alignment, Design of Geometric Elements of Highways and Urban roads, Rigid and Flexible pavements design. Calibration of Photo- elastic materials 8. Jet Engine — NDT checks and dimensional checks 9. Linberg, process and materials of manufacturing technology, PHI, Student should also be able to prepare value estimates.


Testing of fresh and hardened ec21511 — quality of concrete – Non — destructive testing.

Performance test on Francis turbine Prevedouros, Prentice Hall of India Pvt ltd, Bio Medical Engineering sc2151. Shear centre location for closed D-sections 4. Flow visualization in smoke tunnel 4.

Verification of Maximum power transfer and reciprocity theorems. Foreign Object Damage — Blade damage — etc. Matrix Analysis of Framed Structures — Jr. Isothermal and Isentropic efficiency of air compressors. Strength of Materials, S. Abrasive jet machining, Ultrasonic machining, Electric discharge machining, Electro chemical machining, Plasma are machining, Electron beam machining and Laser beam machining.

P and Johnson Jr. Preparation of comparative data sheets 4. Measurement of self inductance of a coil 7.