Disneyization is depicted as a process by which the principles of the Disney theme parks dominate more and more sectors of society. Bryman, a British sociologist, proposes the idea of Disneyization as a complementary no- tion to McDonaldization in contemporary society. He outlines four. I am grateful to: Blackwell Publishers for permission to use material from ‘The Disneyization of society’, The Sociological Review, 47 (1), , 25–47; SAGE.

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The observation being offered here that new forms of hybrid consumption frequently provide a means of differentiation can be usefully extended by suggesting that unusual combinations will become even more arresting and therefore help to draw attention to otherwise commonplace contexts.

The themed hotels mentioned in Chapter 2 could equally be described, and probably more accurately, as casinos.

The Disneyization of Society

Essentially, we can see here the implication that geography, history, and social organization provide rich repositories of narratives on which the architects of theming can draw.

At the same time, the visitor is being given dusneyization short course in how such places should be gazed upon.

However, Handler and Gable, as well as other commentators such as Huxtable, 21 still point to systematic omissions from its presentation of history, which is typically regarded as having been purged of undesirable features of the time.

What some of these allusions also suggest is that Disney and its theme parks are often treated as reference points. He was quoted as saying: In addition, there are examples of commercial regions that have some of the characteristics of festival marketplaces in that they draw on heritage themes but are not based on buildings or areas of intrinsic heritage significance.


The Disneyization of Society – PDF Free Download

At the large malls, designers have built theme parks and other leisure facilities. Mexico, Far West, Polynesia, and China.

They both provide viable accounts of some of the changes occurring in modern society. The Disneyization of Society.


Ritzer and Stillman a. He quoted from disneyizaiton annual report: There was a growing feeling in the industry that themed restaurant chains might be able to get away with mediocre food in prime tourist locations where there is a tradition of tourists going to such establishments, like Orlando, Las Vegas, and New York City, but in areas where repeat business is much more crucial, they would not get away with it.

There are exceptions to this last point. Consulted on 4 December, West Midlands Safari Park and Chessington World of Adventures [which started life as a zoo] combine rides with wildlife.

The Disneyization of Society – Alan Bryman – Google Books

Concerning England, Urry has written: For example, in a news article on Las Vegas, Warren Bates, a journalist, has written: For new entrants to themed service provision, this means that costs are constantly likely to increase as the theming stakes grow. Services that entertain and that are memorable — that provide fun — are the kinds of experience that are increasingly becoming expected features.

However, in an even more high-profile New Urbanist town admitted its first citizens — Celebration, which was built for Disney and is located next to Disney World in Florida although in January it was announced that Disney had sold the downtown core to a real estate company.

The large Las Vegas hotel-casinos are not only platforms for shopping and restaurant opportunities, they are also frequently venues for shows of various kinds and sporting events, thereby further extending the ways in which hotels are implicated in hybrid consumption.


The developers of Bluewater Mall in Kent, England, have promised regular concerts and performances as part of the range of leisure options available. In fact, both Luna Park in and Dreamland inwith its Lilliputian village of dwarves and ethnographic villages, had burned to the ground by the time Walt was looking around for ideas for the park that was germinating in his mind.

New age melodies permeated the sports sandals area, swatted tennis balls and cheering crowds enlivened the tennis area, and the high-pitched squeaks of sneakers on wood, the swoosh of a basketball passing through the hoop, and cheering crowds accentuated the basketball area and made me want to get out and play. There are also more pedestrian forms which are worth a brief mention. This apparently benign process of reinvigorating areas that have fallen on hard times, in the case of dock areas usually in response to declines in ship building or to shifts in commercial maritime activity, has been heavily criticized.

Quoted in Kroc []: To the extent that it can be used as a launch pad for a plethora of spin-offs, merchandising can be said to have taken place. Views about New Urbanist developments vary considerably.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. According to two journalists who lived in Celebration for over a year, the New Urbanist principles are apparent in the following way: Very often, a theme may contain more than one of these ingredients.