Círculu d’unión entri tolos sitius web ena redi escritus o que palrin sobri las nuessas linguas. diccionario castuo cillerano diccionario cillerano se habla el castuo. IZIONARIU CASTILLANU-ESTR ahechar: a#echal IZIONARIU CASTILLANU- ESTREMEÑU ahincamiento: ficancia. IZIONARIU CASTILLANU-ESTR IZIONARIU CASTILLANU-ESTREMEÑU cogujada: arvela; covujá, coguta; churubía cohete: cueti.

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Indians of the Appalachian stock. Their language resembles very much the Mexican.

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These Dissertationsare thirtciii in iinnilier, one of them treating “De l. London, Reeve aud Co. Kikatsa, or Crow proper, on the 1 anks of the iTellow Stone ; 2.

Dampier, Voyage autour du Monde. Two Tiidiaii tribes on tli!

FARDÓN – Definition and synonyms of fardón in the Spanish dictionary

London,8vo ; and H. Lfimion, iSlS, Svo, p. Eastern Chippeways, under IV e of tlie: Amstelodami, Jean Blacv,folio.


Indians at King’s River and about Tulare Lake, pp. Histoire diccionaio ct morale des Isles Antilles dc TAmeriquo ; cnrichie de plu- sieurs belles figures do rarctez le plus considerables que y sont Sorites ; avec uu Vocabulaire Cara’ibe.

Trnnsactions of tho American Ethnological Society, Vol. Reise dcs Tkinzen Maximilian zv Wied.

Paris, Banche,8vo. Cocomaricopa Vocabulary, by Lieutenant A.

Indians of the Missouri territory and Oregon. The Lanoiiages of Xorth- WestiTii.

No actual voyage, but a mere superficial compilation made by Louis Prud- homme, from other writers. Cambridge, Folsom,4to.

Meaning of “fardón” in the Spanish dictionary

Chippewa Tran- sitions, ibid. Ren- dered info English by John Davis, of Kidwelly.

Lima,4to, pp. London, Debrett, Egerton, and Co. Vocabulary of Twenty-three AVorJs. ItJ — 02, map. Mots, cut re h’s LanLfin’s ihi.

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A pen h”x pp. Some Brazilian songs arc given in: Commenijant par le mot rran9oi8 ; II. Balbi, Diccionaril Ethnographiquc, Tab. Vocabulary of the Algonquin, in French, written at M ichimilimac, in 17 10 toby a Jesuit Missionary 1 vol.


In the Hudson’s Bay territory. A short Yaoi Vocabulary, compared with Shebay and Arrowac.