CoolMiniOrNot – Crom The Conqueror. The Internet’s largest gallery of painted miniatures, with a large repository of how-to articles on miniature painting. Nov 22, Vardek Crom, Herald of Archaon: Also known as Crom the Conqueror. A powerful warlord of the Kul tribe, Vardek Crom is allied with Archaon. Posts about Crom the Conqueror written by digitaldiva

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After this, he languished until The End Timeswhen his stats got reprinted with some slight tweaking in “Nagash: What did you do? I was outraged by the slight to my sovereignty. Wee could you stick around to meet this mysterious person that I guess will interview now?

Master of Chaos Undivided: I would too if my leader was defeated that way. September 30, Categories: This page was last modified on 10 Decemberat Another of the armored warriors stepped forward; and again I cut him down with ease. The knights spurred towards me, and I found myself encircled.

Vardek Crom The Conqueror

Crom glares at Cypher:: Ads by Project Wonderful! As Grimgor was forced back against the wreckage of a chariot he desperately parried the sweep of my weapon, knocking my blade aside with a ringing blow. He specializes in both cleaving through ranked infantry and countering enemy characters, so the trick is knowing when and where to put him.

His statblock makes him a killing machine: Crom the Conqueror FallenCypher: I wonder conquwror that could be?

But before I begin the interview I just want to say thank you to the people of GuildProtal team for letting us in and we are still fixing up the place to our liking. Cypher walks offstage to yell at the assassin character to back away from his tge then walks back to his seat:: Haunted by visions of a mighty warrior who would unleash the final dominance of Chaos over the world, Crom brooded: However, it’s his special rules that really make him as a character.


Grimgor bellowed with rage at the insult. Before Cypher can finish what he was going to say both warriors charge into each other to clnqueror their next epic duel:: I had been tested and found to be a mighty warrior; Archaon bade me to accompany him for the remainder of his journey. Retrieved from ” https: Sensing that this was to be a fight worthy of my skills, I did not allow the knight to even draw his blade before rushing headlong towards him, my sword swinging in vicious arcs.

I had to hack and slash my way to him but yes, I challenged him to a duel. I was in a fury, demanding to know why Archaon refused to fight, when the huge knight finally dismounted. In the game, and in the edition he was written for, Crom the Conqueror is a damn melee beast. Finally, I bet your fight was a most vicious? As he lifted me thee off the ground, Archaon abandoned his shield and drew his sword, the blade easing from the scabbard.

Blow after blow rang out, stroke after stroke was exchanged. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. I would be honored. He invited the mighty Kul to join him in his quest, and the humbled king agreed. In walks a heavily armored warrior wielding a tower shield and is holding his sword:: And you are still the herald of the Lord of End Times.

Vardek Crom The Conqueror by Ivan “Regnvald” Serov ยท Putty&Paint

These vast, rolling plains of grass and tundra are home to the Kurgan, savage tribes of nomadic warriors who spend their lives in battle to prove their might before the Gods.


The Everchosen defeated the Conqueror effortlessly and revealed to him the Sword, stopping Crom dead in his tracks. Thats a safety precaution and we are also turning this room into an interrogation chamber.

Before another ten winters had passed I was one of mightiest kings the Steppes had ever known,:: Or even was it my own destiny to claim the world for the Gods, or was there another, even mightier than me?

Vardek Crom

Greeting Vardek Crom, can I call you Crom for short? Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

Soon news came to me of a company of armored knights marching over my lands uninvited, I was furious. A victory well earned. For every blow there was conqkeror parry, every time one of us seemed spent they would find new reserves of determination and continue the duel. What kind of dreams?

For points, Crom uses up a Lord slot and he has to be the army’s general unless Archaon is present; Crom bows to one master and one master alone. On the upside, this revamped version of Way of the Warrior applies cnqueror he’s fighting in normal battles or in a challenge.

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Enraged by their boldness, Crom strode out to meet them, and demanded Archaon face him in battle upon hearing his blasphemous claims. I put up my ax and took a step back.

The serrated edge of the sword seemed to move and flow even as he watched, and a faint moaning emanated from the desperate struggles of an imprisoned daemon. Pretty standard for a character with Crom’s fluff, Crom has to accept any challenge he is offered. Slowly, I shook my head.