Chika Onyeani is the author of Capitalist Nigger ( avg rating, 99 ratings, 23 reviews, published Chika Onyeani’s Followers (11) Chika Onyeani’s books. Chika Onyeani Biography – – Chika Onyeani Biography and List of Works – Chika Onyeani Chika Onyeani Is the author of books such as Capitalist Nigger. Read “Capitalist Nigger: The Road To Success”, by Chika Onyeani online on Bookmate – Capitalist Nigger is an The book asserts that the Negroid race,.

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Blacks are described as whiners, passive, economically illiterate, intellectually bankrupt and materialistic. Just because of the way they have been able to do the sic things. I see myself as an Economic Warrior for my people and not a victim.

He outlines his revolutionary Spider Onyesni Doctrine — aimed at financial self-reliance and the upliftment of black communities —and attacks the parasitic leaders whose greed has robbed the people of Africa of opportunities for advancement and development since their liberation. Every country in Africa is supposedly independent, but every African country is still under the yoke of colonialism.

Chika Onyeani (Author of Capitalist Nigger)

Did you like this article? Onyeani believes that Africans should adopt the strategies of white people; learn from them in the same way as the Japanese, Chinese and Indians have. This is what African-Americans have been doing for years and that is why they can refer to one another as Nigger because they have taken the sting out of the word, the negative connotations that are meant to hurt and disempower.

Being poor means being dependent and a victim. As a result, African countries are unproductive and can only plot their way to a decline.

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Pan-Africanist director Owen ‘Alik Shahadah praises the core thesis of the book by stating in his article on African agency that the chlka complex is an overlooked phenomenon, which washes all aspects of African life. Those who dare to rise above mediocrity and beyond the use of racism as an excuse for their failures are dhika who will survive in this world. Where affirmative has not replaced that professionalism and expertise, it still sustains the country.

And the Afrikaners soon had experts and outstanding professionals in the fields of administration, economics, engineering, law, agriculture, business, industry, science, medicine, education and communication.

But because of miseducation, Africans can never be equal to the Masters. Africans must become aggressively capitalist and must buy African.

Chika Onyeani

If African countries are to become independent and wealthy, Africans need to focus aggressively on economic growth. Says the author, Chika Onyeani, “We are a conquered race and it is utterly foolish for us to believe that we are independent. Why Blacks Can’t Run is the title of an upcoming book by Chika Onyeani that also deals with the economic status of both blacks in Africa and around the world. Specifically, author Onyeani’s argument relies on dubious stereotypes, that blacks are “lazy” and that Indians are successful and onyeabi.

But it’s clear that you do not understand booos level of exploitation, psychological mind game that this race have been through. Yet, Africa continues to be declared the poorest continent in the world by the United Nations. When the Afrikaners came to power inthey set about building their community. In the book, he fights against a conspiracy organized booke the Apartheid era white supremacist organization the Broederbond.


About the author Chika Onyeani is a journalist of international acclaim. It has great resources but outsiders develop these and Africans have become consumers of their own resources rather than producers. We beg for everything. The book has received a large amount of criticism in a number of areas.

Chika Onyeani: Capitalist Nigger

You have to admire the courage of the small group of diabolical individuals who set out to invade Africa and take our people as slaves. A former diplomat, Onyeani is the publisher and editor-in-chief of the cutting-edge African Sun Timesthe largest and only weekly African newspaper distributed nationwide in the US. We are owned lock stock and barrel by people of European-origin They have little thought for the future.

Onyeani deplores the fact that Africans are in competition with one another and have no real will to support and build community. Keep weaving your web-the people of Africa are accustomed to being caught in the web and Only God can help them.

India is chila in a lot of ways.

Capitalist Nigger: The Road To Success

One notable contradiction is when he calls for adoption of the spider web doctrine, but then cautions successful ‘capitalist niggers’ like himself to keep other Blacks at arm’s length. Africans depend on Europeans for all their needs. Refresh comments list RSS feed for comments to this post.