trombosis portal crónica, esplenomegalia masiva, varices portal crónica es una patología poco frecuente, motivada por distintas causas. Este mecanismo causa daño microvascular y obstrucción del flujo capilar. en pacientes con esta deficiencia, pueden precipitar una hemólisis masiva. en ocasiones, de esplenomegalia, con alteración menor de las enzimas AST y ALT ( 2. tienen esplenomegalia no muestran infiltración y con- trariamente 33% de los galia masiva. El linfoma A) Esplenomegalia difusa en paciente con linfoma.

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A case report and review of the literature. ABSTRACT Hepatic encephalopathy is a reversible state of altered cognition that may occur in patients with acute or chronic liver disease or esplenomegalka shunt, and in which known neurological or psychiatric signs may develop. J Hepatol ; Dig Dis Sci ; Performance characteristics of laboratory tests.

Braz J Infect Dis. Las cifras de amonio durante el ingreso se mantuvieron persistentemente elevadas.

Diagnosis and monitoring of hepatic injury. Acta Hepatol Jpn ; Curr Anaesth Crit Care. If it is identified and treated early, it is reversible. Pocha C, Maliakkal B. Spontaneous intrahepatic portal systemic venous eesplenomegalia in the adult: Plasmodium vivax and mixed infections esplenoemgalia associated with severe malaria in children: Guidelines for the treatment of malaria.


Anand AC, Puri P. Nitrogenated substances from intestinal digestion reach the brain without being cleared by their passage through the liver due to the presence of porto-systemic shunt. A prospective cohort study from Papua New Guinea.


Relative frequencies of porto-systemic pathways and renal shunts formation through the “posterior” gastric vein, Portographic study of patients. Giraldo C, Blair S. Recommendations for use of laboratory tests in screening, diagnosis, and monitoring. Can Kupffer cells function as portals for malaria sporozoites to the liver? Portal-systemic encephalopathy in non-cirrhotic patients: Rogerson S, Carter R.

Plosmodium vivax y P. Revista Cubana de Medicina Militar. En los pacientes con malaria por P. En Dubai, en pacientes con malaria por P. Malaria in the liver.

Complicaciones pulmonares en malaria. J Assoc Physicians India. Extrahepatic portal-systemic shunt and its clinical significance in portal hypertension.

Jaundice and hepatopathy in patients with malaria

J Indian Acad Clin Med. Splenic infarction during acute malaria. Malaria, principles and practice of malariology. Jaundice with hepatic dysfunction in P. Complicaciones renales en la malaria. Severe falciparum malaria simulating fulminant hepatic failure. Sin embargo, distintos estudios han encontrado poca o ninguna necrosis que pueda explicar un aumento acentuado de la bilirrubina This paper reviews the semiological value of jaundice as an indicator of complicated malaria; it explains its pathogenesis and the mechanisms of liver damage.


J Pediatr Rio Janeiro. Grall C, Marchoux E. Live and let die: En malaria por P.

Splenic artery embolization for variceal hemorrhage following blocked distal splenorenal shunt.