This is a photograph of an architectural monument. It is on the list of cultural monuments of Aachen, no. 3. Date, 25 September , Download the royalty-free photo “Aquisgrana (Aachen), duomo e cappella Palatina – Germania” created by lamio at the lowest price on. Aquisgrana (Aachen), duomo e cappella Palatina – Germania – Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stock.

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Nature, Sciences and Medieval Societies. Inat his coronation, Palatinz II had the remains reinterred for the last time, placing them in a casket of gold and silver, known as the Karlsschreinwhere they remain to this day. Archived from the original on 15 May See more Fotolia plans.

It is claimed as one of the oldest cathedrals in Europe and was constructed by order of the emperor Charlemagnewho was buried there after his death in Use aesthetic filters to fine tune your search by copy space, frame and duration rates, or depth of field. Standard license With the Standard License, images can be used for any illustrative purpose in any type of media. The two floors are separated from each other by an expansive cornice.

The floors of the western facade lying above this room aplatina remodelled in the first half of the 14th century and in the 17th century; the tower was completed between and The wooden staircase dates to Same Series See photos from the same series. CarolingianOttonianGothic. However, the glazing of the 14th-century choir hall, the Neo-Gothic altar, a large part of the cloister, and the Holiness Chapel Heiligtumskapelle were irretrievably destroyed.

However, it is probable that he was buried in the Persephone sarcophagus under the west tower at the entrance to the octagon.


Pets Beloved furry friends. Finding the perfect capella is perfectly simple With visual search powered by Adobe Sensei you can drop an image into the search bar to instantly find similar ones.

File:Aquisgrana Cappella Palatina interno (ante ).jpg – Wikimedia Commons

The Domwache Cathedral watcha youth self-help group, has been operated since by the Catholic students association of K. The bells were cast three years after the city fire of by Franz Von Trier and his son Jakob. Same Series See photos from the same series. Finding the perfect image is perfectly simple With visual search powered by Adobe Sensei you can drop an image into the search bar to instantly find palatlna ones. Presumably, in the late 15th century, the golden altarpiece formed a massive altar system together with the twelve reliefs of apostles in the Cathedral treasury, along with altarpieces with scenes from the life of Mary, which would have been dismantled in as the French Revolutionary troops approached Aachen.

Eight was a symbol of the eighth day Sunday as the sabbath and therefore symbolised the Resurrection of Jesus Cappdlla and the promise of eternal life.

According to one view, the pine cone would originally have served as a waterspout on a fountain and would have been placed in the atrium of the Palatine chapel in Carolingian times.

Cappella Palatina vista da fuori – Picture of Aachen Cathedral (Dom), Aachen

To organize the photos in galleries you must first register or login. With the Standard License, images can be used for any illustrative purpose in any type of media. Inthe organ acppella restored by the Klais organ company and increased to a total of 89 stops. He was crowned with a golden crown and held in his gloved hands a sceptre; the fingernails had penetrated through the gloves and stuck out. Translated by Hargarter, Manjula Dias. The Encyclopedia of World Art 1st ed.


The cathedral uses two distinct architectural styles, with small portions of a third, First, the core of the cathedral is the Carolingian – Romanesque Palatine Chapel, which was modeled after San Vitale at Ravenna and is notably small in comparison to the later additions.

Aquisgrana Aachenduomo e cappella Palatina – Germania lamio Fotolia. Ein Abbild des Himmels: The exterior walls of the Carolingian octagon, made of quarry stone, is largely unjointed and lacks further ornamentation. A large picture representing Otto and his nobles gazing on the dead Emperor was painted on the wall of the great room in the Aachen Town Hall. Stock like only Adobe can. Skip to main content. Charlemagne allowed further spolia to be brought to Aachen from Rome and Ravenna at the end of the 8th century.

After his death, on 28 Januaryhe was buried in his church; the exact spot is unknown, because of the lack of documentation and the ambiguity of the physical evidence. The octagon in the centre of the Cathedral was erected as the chapel of the Palace of Aachen between and on the model of other contemporary Byzantine buildings e. During World War IIAachen, including its famed cathedral, was heavily damaged by Allied bombing attacks and artillery fire, but the cathedral’s basic structure survived.

Family Moments with loved ones. In Christian belief it was imbued with the even wider symbolism of Eternal Life. Inon the occasion of Charlemagne’s canonisation, Emperor Frederick Barbarossa again opened the vault and reintered his remains.