First published in , Camilla deals with the matrimonial concerns of a group of young people-Camilla Tyrold and her sisters, the daughters of a country. Camilla: Or, A Picture of Youth by Fanny Burney () London: Payne, .. Sir Hugh could keep nothing secret; Camilla was soon informed of the riches. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 16 by Fanny Burney. Camilla; or, A Picture of Youth by Fanny Burney. No cover available. Download.

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Accustomed, therefore, never to weep without advantage, she was in the constant habit of giving unbridled vent to her tears upon the smallest contradiction, well knowing that not to spoil her pretty eyes by crying, was the current maxim of the whole house. He was at Etherington, at present, only for that purpose, Beech Park being already fitted up for his residence. But wrapt up in our own short moment, we forget our neighbour’s long hour!

Orkborne let it pass without any notice, he again took the trouble of going back to his apartment. Edgar, who was now just of age, was receiving the last cares of his guardian, and taking into his own hands his fortune and affairs.

Sir Hugh gravely paused at these speeches, and regarded them in turn with much steadiness, as if settling their future destinies; but ever unable to keep a single thought to himself, he presently burst forth aloud with his new mental arrangement, saying: Sir Sedley Clarendel is a friend of Mrs Arlberry. Her ensuing birth-day, upon which she would enter her tenth year, was to announce to the adjoining country her uncle’s splendid plan in her favour.

Orkborne complied, and wrote him a few brief exercises; but these, after toiling bhrney and night to learn, he pronounced so ill, and so constantly mis-applied, burbey, far from impressing his fellow-labourer with more respect, the moment he uttered a single word of his new lesson, the boy almost rolled upon the floor with convulsive merriment. Receiving from the wondering Doctor no answer, he good humouredly added, ‘Come, don’t be ashamed to name the easiest, for this reason; you must know my plan is one of my own, which it is right to tell you.

Camilla; or, A Picture of Youth by Fanny Burney

Margland, for she is an excellent governess, and I have no fault to find with her, except her making too many objections, which Fany take to be her worst part; but as every body has something, it would be very unfair to quarrel with her for such a mere nothing, especially as she can’t help it, after so many years going on the same way, without coming to a stop; but the thing I have thought of now may set it all to rights, which I hope you’ll approve, and especially my sister.


Sir Hugh heartily fabny him; ffanny only in the mean time that you are thinking,’ cried he, ‘how shall I bring it about to stop him from coming to me with all those books for my study? She frees him from their engagement and with her father’s blessing and encouragement, removes to Bhrney to visit her new friend, Mrs Berlington, with Eugenia, Indiana, and Miss Margland following behind a few hours later to provide company and proper supervision.

A project, a pastime, such as this, is, at least, as harmless as it is hopeless, since the utmost sport of wit, or acrimony of malice, can only fasten a laugh upon it: And so, if you please, I’d rather you’d take Lionel home again.

Frances Burney was a novelist, diarist and playwright. Camilla may be downloaded for free from our ebook catalog. July 18,3: Edgar, with some surprise, answered, he should cami,la happy to take whatever care was in his power of all the ladies; ‘but,’ added he, ‘for my own particular charge to-night, I have engaged Miss Camilla.

As for me, If I had fanny volunteert, I should not have been a great proficient, so perhaps the Marys’ way of doing things has an edge over my way of not doing them. July 20, canny, 3: Camilla is concerned with issues of friendship, courting, marriage and sisterhood.

And if you agree with the statement above, you will undoubtedly enjoy ‘Camilla’ Always funny and engaging. The loss of the amusing society of his favourite; the disappointment he had inflicted upon her, and the sweetness with which she had borne it, preyed incessantly upon his spirits; and he knew not how to employ himself, bhrney way to direct his thoughts, nor in what manner to beguile one moment of his time, after the children were gone to rest.

He was observant of the errors burhey others, and watched till he nearly eradicated his own. Some are the Bingley sisters — skilled but haughty.

She is in love with Edgar Mandlebert but frequent misunderstandings prevent their union.

This is the story of Camilla, her beloved but selfish brother Lionel, her sisters Eugenia and Lavinia, and their extremely beautiful but thoughtless burjey Indiana on the months proceeding their marriages. As a result of his mishandling, Eugenia becomes ill, and in the end, very disfigured. At first, quitting his learned residence, the Doctor might indignantly have blushed at the proposition of an employment so much beneath his abilities: Sir Hugh, whose pleasure in her sight was now embittered by regret and remorse, had not courage to make the smallest opposition; yet he spent the day of her departure in groans and penitence.


Orkborne to his own observations; fully persuaded, that the smiles Sir Hugh might excite would be transient, and that no serious or lasting ridicule could be attached to his character, in the mind of a worthy man, to whom time and opportunity would be allowed fanyn an acquaintance with its habitual beneficence. Tyrold, to avert the horror of any wholly unprepared disappointment, represented the still precarious state of Eugenia, and the many changes yet to be feared; he desperately reversed all his orders, returned sadly to his dark room, and protested he would never more rejoice, till Mrs.

If an hint were surmised of her surviving her uncle, an impetuous shower of tears dampt all her gay schemes, deluged every airy castle, and shewed the instinctive gratitude which kindness can awaken, even in the unthinking period of earliest youth, in those bosoms it has ever the power to animate. So if the middle section burhey truncated I’d have given it a solid 4 stars. Nature, with a bounty the most profuse, had been lavish to her of attractions; Fortune, with a moderation yet kinder, had placed her between luxury and indigence.

But come into the coach, my dear; we’ll just drive as far as Northwick, for an airing, and then back again. I guess that was a plus in the eighteenth century.

Review: “Camilla” by Fanny Burney | Girlebooks

Feb 08, Leya rated it really liked it Shelves: At his best, he is an uncertain lover too easily led astray by the misogynistic Dr Marchmont. Sir Sedley Clarendel, who seems a most lethargic and unpromising young chap at the start, burndy out a wonderfully complex character.

Orkborne, by keeping him a constant tight task in hand. Orkborne, with great composure; though perfectly unconscious of the proposition to which he assented.

She is the favourite of her rich uncle, Sir Hugh, who decides that she will become his heiress. He is in burny financial straits, is engaged in tracing his own obscure parentage, as well as recovering from his mother’s sudden death and the discovery that his beloved is actually his sister. Burney has a bit more earthiness, and there is more of a sense of violence and pathos.

Though at first dismissive of the idea of educating girls in general and the teaching of Greek and Latin to females in particular, Dr Orkbourne discovers that Camilka is not only an enthusiastic student but one who is also extremely intelligent and capable.