Writing under the pseudonym of Stefan Denaerde (Stef van de Aarde, Buitenaardse beschaving (‘Extraterrestrial Civilization’), with material added from its. The first book, “Buitenaardse Beschaving”, printed in Dutch, is an account of the contact experience up to the departure of . Stefan Denaerde and W. Stevens. Buitenaardse beschaving: De planeet Iarga. Front Cover. Stefan Denaerde. N. Kluwer, – Interplanetary voyages – pages.

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B Lerch marked it as to-read Aug 26, The trusts are bkitenaardse permitted to advertise or exert any influence on the consumer, as this could never be objective. You may see Us now. Instinctively, I carried out the motions that I had so often gone over in my mind in the event of one of the children falling overboard.

If it had been a gorilla, for example, then I would have quickly sprung on board my ship and put up a fight with the boat hook to prevent the animal buitenardse coming on’ board. Maar allen delen gelijkelijk en werken voor het algemeen welzijn… De behoeften van het volk worden onpartijdig vastgesteld door [een orgaan van vertegenwoordigers die uit elk beschaivng en uit elke maatschappelijke rang worden gekozen], en problemen worden opgelost voor het algemeen welzijn van allen.

The first thing noticeable from dose up is the perfectly smooth exterior, with neither grooves nor joints in evidence.

Less expensive things are not hired because that is not efficient. It’s interesting to fully understand what a cosmic universal economic system is. Having thought of all this, I was readily prepared to believe them when they said that their average speed of all transport systems together was about five times higher than ours – inclusive aircraft.


Repeatedly glancing briefly at the ball of light, he watched in amazement as it moved effortlessly about his aircraft.

Zij gunnen hem via computers en 3D-beelden een kijkje in hun leefwereld. This is why it is not necessary for them to cover their bodies as we do, their reproduction impulse is born of love and not lust.

Buitenaardse beschaving: De planeet Iarga – Stefan Denaerde – Google Books

This also contains the 2nd book of Denaerde! I went closer and looked down through a round hole, about three feet in diameter, into a cubeshaped space about eight feet across. Earl Martin rated it really liked it Dec 01, This knowledge appears to be comprehensive. Nejat Akay rated it it was amazing Sep 21, I have, yes I have. This experience wasn’t my first sighting, but it was one of the few where I had a witness.

There were neither rich nor poor; there was no separation between nationalities, races or colors. I was reared as a Baptist.

UFO Contact from Planet Iarga

Maybe someday, when the time comes. Within half a minute I was back on board with the dinghy alongside. Everything pointed to the fact that the spaceship was going to land here, and just at the last second, before the picture beschaing, I saw something that made me catch my breath. I sat staring at those strange exotic beings so intensely that the explanation about the car was for the most part lost on me.

We know the dangers and will protect you against them. The present generation will not have the chance again. The dinghy still lay in the same place on the platform, and in the peaceful stillness of this complete isolation a daring plan was born in me.


The only question that remains is to what extent does this book reach its goal of removing the Earth’s cosmic isolation.

I need to do this for myself as well. The reception has been very friendly, and it’s really quite cozy in here. A few moments later I was sitting on the edge of the platform, drying my feet after wading through the water, I donned my shoes and socks and, armed with sandwiches, thermos and note paper, I began buiyenaardse look for the opening that they had described.

The strangest thing was that their explanation, which I found sefan, was directed at me, and due to the perfection of the picture I felt as though I was actually present and the center of their attention. They were rather like the rings of our Saturn, except that these consisted of a small inner ring and a much broader outer ring, both casting a sharp band of shadow on the clouds. The color blue only appears in lighter tints and green is more pronounced there than here, which may account for the fact that they seem to have a preference for blue in their artificial lighting.

Jurian rated it liked it Mar 22, After that the Iargans took him for a visit to the planet Iarga. When you have read this book, it will be dear what I mean by this.

I was quite prepared to accept the fact that they could build houses fully automatically.