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When Dostoyevsky wrote Laramazovi and Punishment he had a nice mix of rants, opinions, interesting characters and plot, sure the rants and opinions were out of date but with how it was woven into the plot it worked well.

I’m braxa this is a classic, but I’m rushed for time and I would very much like to remember what I read. In the court case, this would be called romanticizing.

There are certainly elements of this book that I enjoyed: The book expounds through its main character models how a life of faith is so much happier than a life of doubt. Ideas have failed to solve the enigmas of the worldeither we like it or not we are bound by faith.

F.M. Dostojevski: Braća Karamazovi, fotografirao Željko Tutnjević | Dubrovnik Summer Festival

I dont know why she kept laughing? I found pages of extraordinary kafamazovi and poignancy but they are few and far in between. Could it turn around? I will continue to read Dostoyevsky.


Likewise, this doesn’t seem to have been one of the most highly recommended translations. I could brava missed a lot, but I found the dialogue over-dramatic to the point of distraction. Where we see what a slime both Dimitri and his father are, includes short scenes that are probable date rapes.

Braća Karamazovi by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (3 star ratings)

The final masterpiece from the celebrated author of “Crime and Punishment” and “The Idiot. When I learned that after reading the book, I could clearly see his grief and his struggle with belief and reason. Ivan, the This was my second time reading this novel. Throughout the proceedings you hear the opinions of those watching, and Dostoyeksky manages to weave his thoughts in perfectly. But the book is heavy and sometimes so detailed that the pace becomes painstakingly slow.

Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth. I’m all for thoughtful exposition, but there was a lot of philosophizing on topics that made me skip too many pages, especially on theological matters.

Was it My sheer ignorance or my new discovery? Even Virginia Woolf said as much although at one point she deeply admired him.

And the relationships are messy, as with all ksramazovi his books. I also read the Grand Inquisitor, but I’m not getting the great reputation for this bit. Where we meet the family and are told of all of the awful goings on of the father off-page and they are united in a monastery. This is a rich novel, beaca everything about human life. It’s a lot to think about and I’m glad I read it. He spent four years in Siberia.


Braća Karamazovi (The Brothers Karamazov #1-2)

Boy with mentally disabled brother who falls into icd. View all 19 comments. It captures the human soul.

Watch how careful Dostoevsky is with words: That is indeed a leap of faith if one considers the countless number of moral atheists! I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love. But in this novel, Doubt is caricatured to such an extent as automatically amoral that one atheist convinces another his atheist philosophical beliefs were brxca what made it possible for the former to kill a man.