Even to-day Indian astrologers are wont to regard the moon during the first ‘I’he Lord’s (Krishna’s) journey began on the third lirnar day of the dark half of Kartika. Nrisimha- 7. devara puja-purascbaranadigalige a rayara nirupadinda sri- 8. .. khandi to priest Narasimhabhatia by the chief Sugutur Ayyappa on Thursday. Linga Swamy Koti Poojarulu Songs Download – Listen to telugu songs from Linga Shivratri Puja Vidhi – Detailed steps to perform puja on Maha Shivratri. . 2 Ayushya Homam 3 Ayyappa Puja 4 English Kannada Telugu Tamil And on this . Yella Yella MP3 Song by Vinod Varma from the Telugu movie Telugabbai. Download Yella Yella song on and listen Telugabbai Yella Yella song.

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Saka is identical with Bahudhanya but the preceding year is Isvara, A. The grant is dated Friday the bright half of Chaitra in the year Krodhana. At the entrance of the Mahadvara, images of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita are carved on the wall to the right and Ramapattabhisheka on the wall to the left. The manuscript of the comnxentaiy contained in the Oriental Library is, however, very cornipt and no corre ;t manusi-ript has yafc been found. The Director is requested to investigate the matter more fully and submit a report.

Haritasagotra Apastamba sutra Yajus-sakhadhyavigalada Nanjappanvara kumara Maha- A copy of another grant in the same Math. No date is given.

The grant is dated 15th lunar day of the bright half of Kartika in the year Vikari, of Saka era and corresponds to 20th October, A. On the side wall is a figure of a devotee and.

Further some land is also recorded to have been given awav with pouring of water to Abhayachandrapandita by Muddagannda and Tippagaunda of T’olalahalli. Dury odbanorubbango ratraii – sauptikam cba.

On a broken stone pillar lying near the same temple.


Ishta linga pooja in kannada

The poet says there that those that are overcome by love ar naturally indisc rimina ting between the sentient and the insentient. Gelugu w’orship consisted, in sweeping and washing the floor of the temples and the offering of scents, flowers and the like to the deity.

Shiva gives thethirtham kept for Tapsee to Ishta as she faints during the puja. Kannada laneuaue and characters. Lines 1 — 8 have been effaced.

Ballada lenka Mane-Mudda- Mallayain ura 4. This records tbe grant of tbe village Pedduru to Krishna sastri, son of Ramakrisbna,’ vadbani and grand-son of Sarimalla Subbavadbani by Peddanayani, son of Pedda Venkatappanayani and grand-son of Peddanayani Nallarappanayani with titles men- tioned in tbe paper.

Agrahayana month in the present case, there is no doubt wbat-ever that hiring th. Anvikshaki trayi-vartanam yoga- kshema-skdhano daniah tasya ni- tih dan la-nitih, alabdhalabhartha labdhaparirakshini rakshita- vivatdhani vriddhaaya tirthlshu pratipadini cha taayam ayatta lokayatra.

Sankharavam at Avaduta Polayya Tata Asramam, Venkatayapalem on 17 08

Bommarasara maga Chikkarasanu ma- 3. Mayana and his brother Makana set up the epitaph in memory of the deceased Jaina guru Lakshmisena-bhataraka.

Here the words beginning with alabdhalabhartha in the Panchatantra are used in praise of lokayatra, while they are more appropriately used in the Arthasastra in praise of dandaniti, law and order. This land of carving is a feature peculiar to this temple and is found in no other temple so far discovered in the whole of the State. This thick crust has covered all delicate carvings of the clocrwat s and j illars and has converted this beautiful edifice into a plain structure of an ordinary type.

Are you Sandalwood crazy? Tbis records tbe death of son of Maragavunda during tbe reign of tbe Hoysala King Vinayaditya. No date is given in the grant.

Yella Yella MP3 Song Download- Telugabbai Yella Yella Telugu Song by Vinod Varma on

The main image is about 4′ telubu from ground, level and has 10 hands. The two plates, which seem measure 12″ X 8″ and contain 17 and 15 lines of writing respectively contain a grant of the Valabhi King Dharasena II which is practi- cally identical with the Palitan grant of the same King of Sam. Venkataramanasvami temple at Jtidigesi. Tadanu dinadvayena Karnapatanain cbaturda. Estimates for the repairs of the following Monuments were received during the year Rs.


VI, in the compound of Markandesvara temple at the village Khandya in the hobali of Khandya. Askadka sudka 10 va 11 Malya- 9.

Dwarf vidhana, and plain structure without ornamentation coupled with the umal chararteriscic features of the early Dravid. Another reason in support of the antiquity of the Nandi and other sutras is the antiquated form of the theory of kno wledge set forth in them.

Madanasena was also a disciple of Prabhakarasena. It re- cords the erection of a monument in memory of a Jaina guru Maunapacharya, preceptor of kings, hy his disciple Nulavandisetti, son of Nulavagisetti of Hosavur.

The date corresponds to Tuesday 13th October A. Peddunayanivaru Sarimalla Subbavadbanulavari pautrulayina It consists of a Garbhagriha, Sukhanasi, a Kavaranga and a Porch.

The inscriptions about the Gangas No. This inscription records the death of the warrior Balamendigamunda in a cattle raid and the grant of a plot dwami wet land with the sowing capacity of 10 kolagas in memory of the heroic act. On the outer wall, m. This records the grant of a plot of land in Ganjalagodapura by Kapatada Entu jadesvami to Ganjalagoda Namassivayadeva and also to senuboga, the village ac- countant of the place, in the presence of some witnesses named on the 12th lunar day of the light half of year Jyeshtha in the year Nala.

A Jatra is held annually on the full moon day of Chaitra.