At least some UFOs appear to be intelligently controlled physical craft of some kind from some place that isn’t here. A.D. After Disclosure is all about what might . One of the most original works ever to appear in ufology, A.D. After Disclosure is the first work of non-fiction to examine not only whether or not UFO secrecy can. Written by Bryce Zabel, Richard M. Dolan, Audiobook narrated by Kevin Foley. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible ?.

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Would abductees be able to sue the aliens? Jim Marrs Narrated by: After Disclosure isn’t afraid to make mind-blowing, specific predictions, such as: Open Preview See a Problem? In a academic and professional fashion, they expose their ideas and theories on what would happen and why. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

If it hadn’t happened to me, I’d be skeptical too. You’d have the “doomsday prepper” contingent who in true paranoid fashion would await an alien attack. The evidence that something strange has been happening is voluminous and convincing.

That way, whenever whatever incident takes place happens, you will at least be ahead of the curve, and prepared for some of the probable circumstances that will follow. Richard Dolan, a historian who studied at Oxford and who was a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship, is well known to those interested in the UFO phenomenon.

Experts on the unexplained and paranormal, Brad and Sherry Steiger turn their unique and remarkable talents to the bold storytelling of encounters with the unknown from throughout the ages. Essential for All Free-Thinkers Superbly argued case for a global assessment of the disc,osure UFO subject Explores the implications of both a breakaway society and unawakened humanity 4 of 4 people found this review helpful.


They present the material is a sensation-less fashion and in a format which allows the reader to understand the different aspects of such a complex issue. Only those individuals who cross a threshold of reliability have been included.

Review: A.D. After Disclosure |

I just finished, a couple of nights back A. I found this a very well a.dafter treatise on an overwhelming topic. Dante Amato AIA Will it be necessary to organize ourselves globally in order to meet the challenge of the arrival of beings from elsewhere?

I strongly recommend this book. I follow a lot of Richard Dolans work, so this was right up my alley. Higher level military a.d.atfer intelligence personnel discussed them and were left perplexed and sometimes distressed. Will Disclosure lead to social panic? What will the public find out? If alien civilizations have sent their own explorers across the universe to visit us, who are they?

Leslie Kean Narrated by: It’s a big subject, and it gets crazy, but the authors take steps to make the material palatable. We will see, in fact, a new scientific revolution, and possibly one that fuses these two long-warring belief systems to each other, rather than breaking them further apart.

This book helps greatly in that effort, because all the evidence points to humans not being alone. Who will be making the decisions affecting humanity? Not a fast, fun read.

Will they destroy belief in God? The UFO enigma has been part of our culture since the s and is building to a worldwide explosion of acceptance today.

Mike Clelland Narrated by: Personally, I thought that the authors were a little too optimistic about the outcomes, but that’s not a bad thing because nobody knows what the outcome would actually be. At this point we leave the solid ground of what is known and begin to speculate. As we predict, it will not be made willingly or free from duress.


Much of Disclosure will hinge on the nature of these other beings themselves. We end our journey to the future with a series of direct challenges. As individuals can gather, this subject, regarding whomever is behind the phenomena, is being taken extremely serious, as it should.

Disclowure work of speculative non-fiction confronts all the disturbing challenges facing government, science, religion, media, culture, law, education, and politics once the a.d.aftdr end.

It doesn’t really go into UFOs too much, but focuses instead on political, social, spiritual issues that would arise from it. I had made a promise, both disclosire myself and Mr. Our own society is changing so fast, so completely, that we are likely to be unrecognizable within a mere century from now.

Whichever it is will have a large effect on what is disclosed, and how the public will respond.

A.D. After Disclosure

I believe that After Disclosure would be the perfect buy for any intellectual who wanted to go deeper into the subject of UFO’s without having to deal with the new age fluff that is usually associated with the topic.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. The book is well thought out, well researched and is in my view a noble attempt to predict the disclossure — an event which will be the greatest ‘Black Swan’ in the known history of the world.