Extreme Music, University of Southern Denmark – 1-2 December 2016


The research group The Performances of Everyday Living at SDU Odense is pleased to announce the conference EXTREME MUSIC – HEARING AND NOTHINGNESS. The research presented will suggest, explore and examine the respects in which music may be transgressive, provocative or alien; are there respects in which some music challenges us to the point that it may even prompt questioning as to the very nature of music? We would like to emphasize that the research presentations will deal with the notion of extreme music in relation to a wide variety musical genres. The conference is a cross-disciplinary endeavor. Presentations will reflect the perspectives of philosophy, musicology, marketing, media studies, medicine, acoustics, theology, literary studies, music pedagogy, semiotics, sociology, linguistics, religious studies, anthropology, psychology, biology, education studies, music therapy, performance studies and culture studies.

This conference built upon the momentum initiated and maintained by the spring 2016 serious of guest lectures at SDU entitled “Extreme Music” and the international conference entitled “Mind Over Metal: Metal Music and Culture from A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective” held in December 2015 at SDU. The group’s investigations concerning extreme music thus gained traction while examining extreme metal and related genres – and work regarding this music is very welcome – but this conference also features contributions dealing with the extreme in jazz, opera, classical instrumental music, computer music, electronica, world music – just to name a few examples.