Metal in Strange Places, University of Dayton – 20-22 October 2016

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Registration—3-5 p.m. (UD Law School)
5:15-5:30—Welcome and Introduction

5:30-6:45—Session #1 (Keynote #1) Tracy Reilly
7-9 p.m.—Fiction reading with snacks and drinks 

Dean Swinford: Metal and Literature: Reading Death Metal Epic

Friday, October 21, 2016 (Kennedy Union)

Registration—9—All day
9:30-10:45—Session #2

Edward Banchs: They will scream quietly: The metal community of Zimbabwe in times of peril”
Kris Fletcher: “The rise of Mediterranean Metal”

Felix Reyes: Mover over J-Pop: Empowering women ruling with resistance in the Japanese Jukinzoku scene”

11-12:15—Session #3
Matthew Unger: “Teaching brutality: Methodological reflections on the study of extreme Metal aesthetics”

Eric Smialek: “Extreme metal and its others: Metal audiences’ hostility towards adolescence.”

Brenda Walter: “Visceral: Disemboweling the Bodily architecture of Black Metal.”

12:15-2 p.m.—Lunch break

2-3:15—Session #4 (Keynote #2)

Gabby Riches: “Researching on the Edges: Reconceptualizing Extreme Metal female fandom through moshpit practices and affective encounters.”
3:30-4:45—Session #5

Mei-Ra St. Laurent and Vivek Venkatesh : “Metal noir Quebocois: Understanding Black Metal representations of nationalist ideology in Quebec’s black metal scene.”

Russell Skelchy: “Worshippers of the sugarcane fields: Black metal and the politics of inversion in Indonesia”

Jan-Oluf Guillo: Tapping into desolation: An artistic study of contemporary Icelandic Black Metal.”

5-6:15—Session #6

Aaron McPeck: “American Folk Metal: Homegrown sounds in Panopticon’s ‘Kentucky’”

Jasmine Shadrack: “Mater Onmium and the Cosmic Womb of the Abyss: Nomadic interiorities and matrifocal black metal performance.”

James Kopf: “From Helvete to headphones: Black metal, Disreality, and the temporary autonomous zone.

Rest of the evening: Explore Dayton

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Registration—9-All day
9:30-10:45—Session #7

Amber Clifford, Nelson Varas Diaz, Ross Hagen, Jasmine Hazel Shadrack, Joan Jocson Joan Singh.: “Looking for Metal: Rethinking methodologies in Metal Studies.”
11—12:15—Session #8

Neilson Hixson, Jebeneezer Law, Marc Godsey, and Benny Bodine: Exploring the Dayton Metal Scene from the perspective of a club owner, metal photographer, and two musicians
12:15—2 p.m.—Lunch

2-3:15—Session #9

Toni-Matti Karjalainen: “Exploring the use of country-of-origin references in Metal media.”

Brian Kirkmeyer: “Engineering design concepts in Heavy Metal”
Amanda Barrett: “Denim metals: Does Heavy Metal dress code and subgenre sabotage or supercharge the battle jacket experience.”

3:30-4:45—Session #10

Darwin Tsen: “The body of this death: Lord Mantis, Death Mask, and the Queer/Trans Body in Metal.”

Masie Kaiser: “The myth of ‘genderblindness in Metal culture.”

Jeremy Wallach and Esther Clinton: “United we shall never fail: Thoughts on Metal and Disability.”

5-6:15—Session #11 (Keynote #3) Henkka Seppala

6:15-6:30—Conference Closing

8—Concert at Oddbody’s Music Room
Featuring ZUEL, Engraved Darkness, EpiKisT, I, Apollo