MMS Journal 3.1 is out!

The latest issue of Metal Music Studies is now available  issue 3.1! You can access it in the usual ways. The BEST way to get it is to join the International Society for Metal Music Studies from the above menu, which gives you one FREE copy through the door at your house or office or cave.

Here is what is in issue 3.1! 

Slashing through the boundaries: Heavy metal fandom, fan fiction and girl cultures

Author: Hoad, Catherine

Historical development, sound aesthetics and production techniques of the distorted electric guitar in metal music

Author: Herbst, Jan-Peter

Within the perpetual pentagram: Religious discourse in the Hawai‘i metal scene

Author: Olson, Benjamin Hedge

Rime of a metal mariner

Author: Roberts, Justin J.

Black Sabbath’s pioneering lyrical rhetoric: Tragic structure and cathartic potential in song narratives

Author: Barnett, Brett A.

The power of the imagination of historical distance: Melechesh’ ‘Mesopotamian Metal’ as a musical attempt of solving cultural conflicts in the twenty-first century

Author: Pichler, Peter

Global metal in local contexts: Questions of class among heavy metal youth and the structuring of early metal identity formations

Author: Rowe, Paula

After the apocalypse: Identity and legitimacy in the postdigital heavy metal subculture

Author: Goldhammer, Rio

Decoding cultural signifiers of Brazilian identity and the African diaspora from the music of Sepultura

Authors: Williams, Duncan; Da Rocha, Marcio Alves