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GIANTEC 93 series EEPROM products work well under stable voltage within . This program is based on GIANTEC Micro Wire EEPROM 93C46 and Keil C 93C46 Technical Data, x8(1k) Serial CMOS EEPROM Datasheet, buy 93C M93C56, M93C 16Kbit, 8Kbit, 4Kbit, 2Kbit and 1Kbit (8-bit or bit wide). MICROWIRE® Serial Access EEPROM. FEATURES SUMMARY.

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I have the circuit board with a 93c46 eeprom which through an 8 pin connector is linked to the main board. I know nothing about the SPI in the original motherboard circuit.

Reading the data of a 93C46 eeprom | All About Circuits

Thank you for the corrections. Do you think should be another approach? The circuit containing the IC should be re-usable as feprom. The 93c46 on the circuit board has the pin 5 and 6 connected through a 13,7 KOhm, and other connections: Mar 16, 1. It needs some sort of controller to use it as it works over a serial interface.


Reading the data of a 93C46 eeprom

Also at using an Arduino circuit as well might be a possibility to test but I’ll need more directions for that. Thanks for the help. I think it would be helpful for me to find a simple application using a SPI.

Posted by kishore in forum: The rest of connections not related to this circuit. Any sugestion would be very helpful. Mar 17, 6. I have also an Arduino Eleven or Uno equivalent with 4 related terminals: Thanks Rama but this is what I get it: Either the existing board was designed to allow the contents to be read or it wasn’t.

I need to identify each of the 8 pins of the other circuit and see what connections need to be done. Look up SPI for those details. Your name or email address: It appears that you are reading mirror pins.

I am looking for a link or a simple application to be used in reading the data of a eeprom eepron 93C46 circuit used for counting the number and duration of activations of a 12V DC power source.

Mar 16, 11 0. The problem is still in the interface from 3 control pins to 4 control pins of Arduino Eleven. Mar 18, 7.


For the command streams sent to 93C46 all start, cmd or opcode, addrwhen they are not multiples of 8 bits, then you can pad it up with 0 at the beginning. Pin 3 of the IC is connected to the junction between If you have to use this you need to use the resistors as in the AN, you need to write a bit bang 93c446 taking care of timing requirements! Basically, this helps in saving one IO Pin.

Mar 19, 8. Reading the data of a 93C46 eeprom Reply to Thread. Mar 16, 3. DI and DO together. The 93C46 is a memory element.

I’m still waiting for some more suggestions. Mar 17, 5. Mar 24, Thank so far to the Long Island guy. You May Also Like: Mar 19, 9.