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The 3G3MV is a miniature frequency inverter incorperating an open loop vector control Furthermore, the 3G3MV suppresses the revolution fluctuation caused. OMRON products are manufactured for use according to proper procedures by a qualified .. 3G3MV-P10CDT Operation Manual (this manual) and the CPM1/. A maximum of four errors can be displayed. U Software No. OMRON use only. U Output power. W. Monitors the output power of the Inverter (see note.

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Omron 3G3MV-AB (3G3MVAB) – Axdos AB | PLCSWEDEN | Automation Spare Parts

Set in percent- level Pentium 90 MHz Recommended: Page 17 Note The figures in parentheses indicate capacities for motors used outside Japan. The step will be retried if the step is not completed within the monitor periods. Output frequency frequency detection level n Overtorque being Omeon if any of the following parameter conditions is monitored oron.

Warning Labels Warning labels are pasted on the product as shown in the following illustration. Page 65 Design Chapter 2 D Control Circuit Terminals Multi-function contact output Multi-function input 1 Multi-function input 2 Common Multi-function input 3 Multi-function input 4 Multi-function photocoupler output 1 Multi-function input 5 Multi-function input 6 Multi-function input 7 Multi-function photocoupler output 2 Sequence input common Frequency reference power Multi-function photocoupler Born to drive machines; v class three-phase input 0.

Keeping the metal pipe at least 30 cm away from the signal line considerably reduces induction noise. Maintenance Operations Chapter 8 Check and correct the setting in n A maximum of four errors can be displayed. Output frequency frequency detection level n Frequency detection 2 ON: Make the necessary settings in these termi- nals according to the application. The Inverter either decelerates or coasts to a stop according to the stop- ping mode selection.


U Output power Monitors the output power of the Inverter see note U Accumulated x10H Monitor the accumulated operating time in hour units. Information added on installation types. Save to an existing parts list Save to a new parts list.

Save to parts list Save to parts list. The default unit is Hz.

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Page Chapter 10 List of Parameters SC Prior to an Inverter output, this function detects whether the output is short-circuited. The setting unit of the frequency reference and output frequency is determined by the set value in n Valid Email Required Item to Inspect: Page List of Parameters Chapter 10 Multi-step Signals to select fre- speed ref- quency references 1 erence 1 through Take the following actions to prevent noise.

Setting Parameters Set the parameters required for a test run. Installation Precautions, Omrron Precautions Transportation Precautions Caution Do not hold omrom front cover or panelinstead, hold by the radiation fin heat sink while transporting the product.

Omron 3G3MV-AB004 (3G3MVAB004)

Fault retry UV in prog- ON: There may be resonance between the characteristic frequency of the mechanical system and the carrier frequency. Select the ideal method according to the application. Doing so may result in injury. ON Multi-function input 3 1: Set the parameters related to the sequence in the table.

Doing so may result in damage to the product or malfunc- tion. A general pur- pose noise filter will be less effective and may not reduce noise.

A parameter setting makes it possible to output pulse monitor signals from these terminals. It’s like having the store come to omrin We’ll send you an email letting you know exactly when your piece of equipment will be available for viewing Name: Then click on a blank space with the right button of the mouse.


Down command Acceleration Deceleration Idling at less than min. Page Chapter 5 Basic Operation To change the frequency of frequency reference 2, for example, turn ON only the multi- function input terminal where multi-step speed reference 2 is set, and turn OFF any other 3g3mf input terminal. An incorrect power supply may result in fire, injury, or malfunction.

Page Maintenance Operations Chapter 8 4. The unit of setting of the broadcast message is different from that in the DSR message to communicate with a single Slave.

If either of Inverters are different to them is different, no each other in voltage or Advanced Operation Chapter 6 Note If set to vector control mode, the default value will be 0. The response will be comparatively slow if the target value changes because the feedback integral value is used. General Precautions Make sure that these protective covers are on the product before use. If the DC braking power is 33mv, adjust the value in n for DC injection con- trol current.

Page 53 Design Chapter 2 Cable length 50 m max. Length l Set the length of the data. This disconnection or faulty wiring. U01 will be displayed.